Triumph Tiger Sport – A 1050 with More…Sport

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Although the Triumph Tiger 800 and Triumph Tiger 1200 models are doing well in the market, the British brand from Hinckley doesn’t seem ready to kill the Triumph Tiger 1050, and has instead revised the model for the 2013 model year.

Adding 10hp to the three-cylinder motor (123 hp & 76.7 lbs•ft of torque at the crank now), the renamed Triumph Tiger Sport features a new single-sided swingarm, a slimmer subframe, a revised suspension and geometry, along with redesigned fairings and wheels.

The re-addition of the Triumph Tiger Sport to Triumph’s sport/adventure touring group makes for an interesting trio of 800cc, 1,050cc, and 1,200cc  Tiger machines. However, with the Triumph Tiger Sport being a decidedly a sport-touring model with 17″ wheels, it should steer clear of the 800 and 1200 models in their more “adventure” uses.

Adding to that thought, with the revised subframe and single-sided swingarm, Triumph is also boasting that the Triumph Tiger Sport can fit larger panniers, making it more practical for you to take the kitchen sink with you on long rides (or, atleast stow a full-face helmet when the need arises).

It will be interesting to see how Triumph prices the Triumph Tiger Sport, though we shouldn’t have long to wait on that front, as pricing is expected in February, with models available in March 2013.






Source: Triumph