With only minor modification, most new liter-bikes have no trouble reaching 200 mph, provided that you have a track long enough in front of you (don’t be an idiot and try to go that fast on the street). However, it is north of 200 mph where things start to get difficult. As we saw with the untimely passing of Bill Warner, reaching the 300 mph mark on a motorcycle is a serious matter, and it doesn’t take much for things to go horribly wrong.

It goes without saying then that Triumph and Jason DiSalvo’s attempt at 400 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats is a serious endeavor. Piloting the carbon/kevlar clad the Hot Rod Conspiracy/Carpenter Racing Castrol Rocket, DiSalvo will have two turbocharged Triumph Rocket III engines, good for a combined 1,000+ hp and 500 lbs•ft of torque when burning methanol, hurling him down the land speed record course on two wheels.

The self-proclaimed most advanced streamliner on the salt, the Castrol Rocket was built not only to break the outright AMA & FIM motorcycle land speed records of 376.156 mph (set in 2010 by Rocky Robinson on the Ack Attack streamliner), but the team also wants to go all the way past the 400 mph barrier. It’s a huge undertaking, and also a breathlessly beautiful machine. Check it out after the jump.






Hot Rod Conspiracy/Carpenter Racing “Castrol Rocket” Photos:

Castrol Rocket Build Photos:

Jason DiSalvo Testing the Castrol Rocket at Bonneville:

Source: Castrol Rocket

  • Jake F

    It sure would be nice if a company that fixated on speed sold a superbike, don’t ya think?

  • TexusTim

    you have to do a little more than a light massage to hit 200 on a litre bike, the difference between 185 and 200 is quite alot..and were talking thru the traps not the speedo …just sayin Ive tried it and it’s not as easy as it sounds..on paper you say noo problem in the real world not so much.

  • paulus

    That is an awesome piece of hard work and development.
    Beautiful detail and engineering craft work.
    Best of luck to the team and the pilot.

    This attempt is perfectly suited to Triumph
    Triumph also has a composite aircraft support company in their group…
    It is about POWER, engineering and aerodynamics.
    Sincere wishes of success

  • mike streuly

    bottom line is they only ran 104 mph at the BUB motorcycle land speed meet then they had an engine fire and packed up and went home. i know the bike is new and needs to be sorted out but when you read there press release’s the owners of the bike make it sound like its going to be real easy to run 400 mph. the current record holder ack attack has been doing this a long time and there record is 376.363 mph with an exit speed of 394.084 mph. the triumph team has a long way to go before they will even get close to challenging the record. also on oct 10 thru the 14 is the mike cook land speed shootout and the three fastest motorcycle streamliners will be there ack attack the bub 7 and sam wheeler’s streamliner. more then likely any or all of these bikes will hit 400 mph or more. land speed race fans can get updates from the shootout on the triumph team was going to be at the shootout but because of the problems they had at the BUB meet will not be there so that means that they will need to wait another year before they get a chance to run for the record.