Triumph Bobbeville Concept

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The idea that less is more is often a theme usually devoid from the agenda of motorcycle designers use these days, but this Triumph Bonneville bobber concept, aptly named the Triumph Bobbeville, by Australian industrial designer Dan Anderson is a fresh take on the classic Triumph lines found on the Bonneville, with a cue back to the 1950’s that isn’t over the top.

True the 1950’s fashion of bobbing motorcycles, Anderson’s concept features a bobbed rear fender, and shortened seat pan. Also it can be seen that the handlebars have been dropped for a sportier look, while beefier tires have been added to not only make a period reference and to enhance the low-slung look.

Meanwhile, the frame remains the same from the standard Bonneville, while the exhaust system has been modified to take the two exhaust pipes off of the standard system, and arrange them on the same side of the bike.

The end result is a motorcycle that is close to stock with only a few modifications, but achieves a dramatically different effect. We like.

Source: Bike EXIF