1979 Honda CB650 by Trillion Industries

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Here at Asphalt & Rubber, we don’t feature too many bikes that subscribe to the “modern-take on the retro look” hipster theory of motorcycling. Maybe it’s because we prefer to go fast rather than look cool, or maybe it’s because we don’t own any form fitting denim pants — honestly, it could go either way on that one. That being said, we know what we like, and more importantly when know what we like when we see it, and that pretty much sums up our thoughts on the 1979 Honda CB650 by Trillion Industries.

Beginning life in the mundane, the Honda CB is a crowd favorite with the retro-turned-hipster crowd for making modern takes on the café racer design aesthetic. Don’t get us wrong, we have seen plenty of café racers that we like, and the market segment enjoys a small but militant following of motorcycle enthusiasts. However, rarely does a Honda CB, no matter how much beauty school it has attended, floor you in your seat. This work by Derek Pauletto however, would be the exception to that statement.

Comprised of parts from all the major Japanese manufacturers, Pauletto has a few American bits and pieces on the Trillion Industries 1979 Honda CB650 for good measure as well. The front-end is off a Kawasaki sportbike, while the headlight is from a Harley-Davidson V-Rod. The frame, swingarm, and wheels have all been widened, and the Honda CB650 motor has been slightly tuned for a bit more pep-in-the-step.

However, what we think really crowns the work that Pauletto has put into his former commuter is the exhaust system. The happy marriage of four exhaust pipes making a short convergence into a single muffler, the work really shows off the creative thinking and skills found at Trillion Industries. Rated at 63hp stock, we doubt this ’79 CB 650 would blow our hair too far back when said literally, but metaphorical? Consider us wind-blasted.

Source: Pipeburn