Timbersled Snow Bikes Look Like Serious Fun

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I was surprised when I discovered that we haven’t spoken about Timbersled before now, and the company’s line of snow bike conversion kits. It’s a concept that’s been intriguing me for some time now.

That intrigue started when the Idaho-based company was acquired by Polaris last year – adding to the juggernaut that Scott Wine is creating in Medina, Minnesota – which is where I first saw Timbersled’s interesting take on motorized winter fun.

For those who don’t know, Timbersled’s concept is a pretty simple one: it allows dirt bike owners a fairly straight forward kit that enables them to create a snow bike for winter riding.

As you would imagine, the riding experience is considerably more dynamic than that of a snowmobile; and with the front and rear wheels replaced by a ski and track, it allows a rider to go much farther in the fluffy white stuff than a traditional dirt bike allows.

The tracks themselves are modular in design, and they bolt-up to different motorcycles via an individual install kits from Timbersled. There are four track designs in total, the Short Track (ST – $5,300), Long Track (LT – $6,000), and the two Snow Cross models (SX120 – $5,800 & SX137 – $6,500).

The beauty of Timbersled’s design is that it is fairly easy to convert a Timbersled back into a dirt bike, allowing riders the ability to have a sled for the snow-covered days, and a dirt bike for the warmer weather. This hopefully helps offsets the cost of a dirt bike and a track.

We doubt that diehard snowmobilers will convert over to the dark side, but Timbersled’s hope is that its designs will open up a new type of riding in snowy weather. Judging from the photos and video, they might be onto something.









Source: Timbersled

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