What Is Old Is SRAD Again – Team Classic Suzuki Strikes Again

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If you don’t keep a pulse on the work that Team Classic Suzuki has been producing the last few year, then you owe it to your nostalgia to peruse their Katana race bike or Suzuki XR69 replica endurance bike. They are exquisite.

Now the British outfit has a new bike for us to drool over – one that cuts right to our 1990’s loving superbike hearts. It is a Suzuki GSX-R750 SRAD circa 1996.

The bike is set to replace Team Classic Suzuki’s XR69 as their go-to race bike, and it has plenty of parts to get you feeling petrol-fueled thoughts.

This machine started life as a factory endurance racer, and now it will be used in international classic-racing events. The blue and white color scheme is a nod to the bike’s original “Lucky Strike” livery.

Beneath the fairings, there is a factory dry slipper-clutch, which was unobtanium at the time this bike debuted, and is perhaps our favorite detail.

The generator has been lightened to reduce parasitic loss, and there is a magnesium offset pump, close-ratio six-speed gearbox, and a factory Yoshimura exhaust.

Suspension is provided by K-Tech, and a longer swingarm has been added to the package to help with stability. The brake calipers are Brembos, axially mounted, while the brake lines are by Earls. OZ wheels and Dunlop slicks complete the bolt-on racing package.

Like with many of Team Classic Suzuki’s creations though, there is a tremendous amount of one-off work down to this GSX-R as well.

Parts manufactured in-house by Team Classic Suzuki include the triple clamps, footrests, fork lowers, and carbon kevlar bodywork with titanium fasteners from RaceFasteners.

Team Classic Suzuki says that their GSX-R750 SRAD will get its first shakedown this week, at a two-day test at Cartagena with Michael Dunlop.

The Suzuki GSX-R750 helped kick off the modern day superbike movement, back when you had to be an “ass man” to truly appreciate a sport bike.

That bulbous rear end is now an icon of superbike design, and its good to see it again, in all of its SRAD glory. Enjoy the super hi-res photos in the gallery below. We spared no pixel sharing them with you.

Source: Team Classic Suzuki via Bike EXIF