More Photos of the Suzuki V-Strom Concept

11/13/2012 @ 7:49 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

Suzuki is remaining fairly tight-lipped about its V-Strom Concept it is showing at EICMA in Italy, which first broke cover last month at the INTERMOT show in Germany. Simply saying that the model will eventually be built (in 2014?), it is not clear how close what we see here is to the production version.

A much needed revamp to its adventure bike offering, the real question for the Japanese company will be whether the new Suzuki V-Strom will be too little too late. Photos after the jump.

Source: Suzuki

  • loki

    The more I look at it, the uglier it gets.

  • John

    Gotta agree, that is one ugly bike. Why do all these “adventure” bikes have beaks?? Ooofa.

  • Brett

    Like it, but it might be a bit of a horse to someone like me

  • Dan


  • MikeD

    Still Mehh, lot’s of mehhh.
    Everyday a new heavy-weight pops-up the subdued, understated, super achiever, semi-affordable Super Tenere looks better and better.

  • Dabber

    I like it! These type of bikes are made for me being long legged. I also like the more modern theme.

  • PWarren4

    Too little too late?

    I highly doubt it. As a R1200GS Adventure rider, I’ll be the first to admit – That SumBi!ch is expensive. I’m sure that there are many others that feel the same way, and as history has always shown, this Stormtrooper should be a sizable bit cheaper in comparison to anything German, Italian or English.

    History has also shown the V-Strom to be worthy of comparison to the Euros in regards to capability and aftermarket farkle support, too. This bike will do what 98% of the adventure riding crowd will need.

    Hate to be contradictory: NO! I’m not giving up my GS for one or anything else!

  • GBell

    ADVENTURE-based Sport-TOURERS ARE STUPID! A GS was cool. But now having a dozen models like this shows no imagination and besides they are becoming the SUVs of the motorcycle world – purchased by people who never go off road and don;t need 7 inches travel – i understand they are comfy, sporty and long distance capable but that is only because no one makes a proper sport touring bike .. the FJRs, GTRs, Trophy, R-RT, K-GT have all become pigs (I own one of these pigs among many sport bikes)…

    This is not rethinking modern sport touring – this is giving up and copying what you think will sell.

  • pooch

    Another person (GBell_) mistaking their opinions as fact, and showing asotunding ignorance of real facts of how the Vstrom is considered in critical circles. (Read any bike magazine review – yeah, people who actually know what they are talking about) It’s a highly acclaimed bike than is NOT a dedicated offroader, but is more than capable when you want to do it. It’s NOT a sport tourer either. It’s an *all rounder* that does many things very well indeed.

    It’s one hell of a lot lighter and more manoeverable than the Elephant that is the GS, and less than half the price. It will do many things offroad that a GS will tip you over on your arse trying to do, or crush you under it.

    Yeah – I own one. (DL650) Of 15 bikes I have had from the 80’s to now, it is easily my favourite. It is far from the fastest I have owned. (that was my R1) It is FAR from the prettiest I have owned, in fact I’m first to admit it is butt-ugly, but I don’t ride a bike for how it looks any more – I’m no longer of an age where looking cool matters – not one damn. But it’s punchy, economical, it does great things offroad (with the right tyres) I can ride all day, every day, for a week, and not cripple myself… It’s far and away the best, most versatile, smile-inducing bike I have ever had. Period.

    When you grow out of the crotch-rocket stage, you’ll appreciate these bikes.

  • Brett

    As far as the reason-to-be for these bikes I’m with pooch. I’ve ridden the Vee and the Wee and own a Tiger 800 roadie. These bikes are great on ridiculously twisty, rugged, poorly maintained mountain roads where you can never be sure what lies in the road around the next turn. The guys I hang with love the backroads, this spring a Panigale rider went with us, he started waving and turned back after maybe a mile, I was expecting him to leave us in the dust, but the 1st pothole he hit destroyed his confidence.

  • Keith

    meh, the older I get the smaller I want…really, just can’t see a need for anything over 650-750cc. I guess I’m the weirdo.