That Suzuki Katana 3.0 Concept Though…

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One of the less-publicized motorcycles on display at this year’s EICMA show was this Suzuki Katana concept, which has since been making the rounds on social media.

Rightfully so, we would say, as the “Katana 3.0” is a very intriguing idea into how Suzuki can revitalize one of its most iconic names.

A creation by the folks at Motociclismo, with the help of designer Rodolfo Frascoli and Engines Engineering, the Katana 3.0 concept isn’t the “official” concept that many had hoped for from Suzuki.

However, the fact that Suzuki hosted the concept inside its EICMA display is a sign that the Japanese manufacturer is certainly listening to the feeback the bike generates.

Built off the Suzuki GSX-S1000F sport bike, the Suzuki Katana 3.0 concept examines how the folks at Hamamatsu could revitalize a classic from its lineup, while getting ahead of the budding 1980s theme we have begun to see.

Suzuki is in fact to b given credit for helping fuel a return to 30 years ago, with its Katana endurance race bike captivating the internet’s moto-lust, and serving as inspiration for designers around the world.

As for the concept seen here, we like what Frascoli (father of the Moto Guzzi Griso, Triumph Street Triple, and many others) has created…it is certainly more appealing than the GSX-S1000F, that is for sure.

A motorcycle for motorcyclists though, we wonder if something like the Kantana 3.0 is lost on a generation of non-riders. Will the retro theme resonate with someone that doesn’t know the history of the Katana line?

Because of that, we hope Suzuki is listening to more than just those in attendance in Milan. For more pictures, and a description of the bike build process, head on over to for a more complete accounting.

Source:; Photos: Frascoli Design