Suzuki GSX-S1000 Naked Bike Spotted in the Wild

08/11/2014 @ 1:28 pm, by Jensen Beeler28 COMMENTS


It appears that reports of a 2015 Suzuki GSX-S1000 debuting later this year are true, as we bring to you a couple photos of the streetfighter in the flesh.

Based off the Suzuki GSX-R1000 platform, the Suzuki GSX-S1000 features the same chassis and four-cylinder engine (likely in a different state of tune than the one found in the superbike), though with a more upright sitting position.

From what we can see in the photos, the GSX-S1000 will continue the aggressive styling we’ve seen coming out of Japan lately, especially in the liter-bike naked segment, and it seems Suzuki has opted to continue to partner with Brembo for its braking components.

Other features are rumored to include ABS and traction control, with the wheel-discs for those electronics are visible in the photo above.


It will be interesting to see whether Suzuki decides to go the route we’ve seen recently from BMW, where the S1000R has been tuned for midrange power (more applicable to public road riding).

Or, if the Japanese company will break trend and follow Erik Buell Racing, which has recently debuted the EBR 1190SX with the same power and torque figures as the American company’s superbike model.

We would expect the latter, though the current GSX-R platform is so long in the tooth, just about anything is possible. What we do know is that the 2015 Suzuki GSX-S1000 shows signs of life back in Japan, and if Suzuki is building a naked bike off the GSX-R, a new superbike can’t be far away either.

With Suzuki Racing back in MotoGP next season, it wouldn’t surprise us to see a new GSX-R to coincide for the 2016 model year, building off the company’s return to the premier class. But, that’s just speculation on our part, and how we would maximize our marketing dollars in this tough sport bike market.

Expect to see the 2015 Suzuki GSX-S1000 at these motorcycle trade shows this fall; and before then, further updates on the bike here at Asphalt & Rubber.

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  • mototbell

    The Naked war is at a whole new level now with the superbuke, s1000R, and Tuono – even the not anymore ducati streetfigher S (I have one) is right up there.. I highly doubt this will shake things up.

    But it will be great if a new GSXR and a R1 arrive to challenge the europeans – it is about time japan is on top again.

  • JoeD

    I like it and hope to see more of the type.

  • ML

    The front/side fairing looks like the ‘R’ in GSX-R. Not sure if that was intentional or not but I like it. The bike ain’t bad, too. :)

  • Ian John

    Sorry, just too generic for me.
    I like the superdukes sharp edges. It raised the level of expectation for me. I always thought the Duc fighter looked badass until the KTM came along.
    Price is another thing though. Can guarantee the Suk aint gunna be as steep as the Katoom.

  • Andrey

    Head light has Duc StreetFighter lines and a similar hunched forward look.

    I think Ducati made a mistake killing the 1098 StreetFighter too soon… especially when they have obviously devoted resources to produce the Scrambler…. seems to me Ducati have things a bit backwards here.

  • n/a

    It’s just a Honda CB1000R with a banana swingarm and some suzuki stickers….

  • Jaybond

    While the styling is not really a work of art (which so far only found on trellis-framed naked bikes) , hopefully Suzuki can maintain the state of tune of the current GSX-R1000 superbike engine for this new GSX-S1000 (or just slighly retune the engine), with traction control as standard. That is if Suzuki intends to closely challenge the current crops of European supernakeds. On the other hand, the next new GSX-1000R superbike should have at least close-to-200bhp engine..

  • MikeD

    I don’t know Man. . . yes, I’m happy there’s another new bike coming our way (a standard non the less !) but the more i look at it the less enticing it feels.

    Is it wrong to feel way more excited about the 1290 Super Adventure than this one ? even though I have a snowflake’s chance in hell of buying it $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


    ” Hopefully Suzuki can maintain the state of tune of the current GSX-R1000 superbike engine for this new GSX-S1000 (or just slighly retune the engine), with traction control as standard. That is if Suzuki intends to closely challenge the current crops of European supernakeds. ”

    What did the five fingers said to the face ? SLAP !!!! Da Hell is wrong with you man ? ! Lay off the drugs !

    Who do you think we’re talking about here ? BMW, Aprilia, Ducati ? This thing ain’t a V-MAX either.
    Even the B-King got seriously neutered when they attempted that. This one even have the same ” Ass to the Heavens” tail section ! YHAY !!!! NO, FAIL.
    She’ll probably make 140hp and that’s some horrid wishful thinking, dare I say.

    @Ian, Mototbell, Andrey & N/A: +1.

  • paulus

    Suzuki killed the B-King too soon… this should have been an MK2, not a GSXR base.
    The styling is so close to all the Japanese nakeds… it just gets lost in a sea of mediocrity.
    Sucks. opportunity missed.

  • Hayabrusa

    Well, I guess this new model is ‘something’. However, I am sitting on my hands waiting for a Gen 3 Hayabusa (or at least a refresh). I had once upon a time heard a rumor of a new one in 2015, but nothing since – anyone have any more definitive information?

  • Westward

    I want to see the 750 version…

  • Vinod

    In India, we are going to get only the 150cc version of this as of now ;-)

  • Jaybond

    “Suzuki killed the B-King too soon… this should have been an MK2, not a GSXR base.
    The styling is so close to all the Japanese nakeds… it just gets lost in a sea of mediocrity.
    Sucks. opportunity missed.”

    Suzuki does have a worthy successor to B-King in the form of the awesomely styled (unlike the B-King) In-Line 6-powered Suzuki Stratosphere working prototype , which as most people know, very sadly got axed before it could enter mass production..this is the first real opportunity that Suzuki had missed earlier..

  • Kaw4Life

    Seems that builders are catering to those that grew up playing with Transformers.

  • tonifumi

    Nice press release . Native advertising strikes again.

  • Why haven’t the Major 4 built a bike that will challenge Ducati’s MultiStrada….a sport bike with an upright riding position, semi-good wind protection + removeable panniers?

  • Renn

    I like the concept of this bike. The colours look less then inspired and I think they could have done a better job on the headlight.

    It is far to generic

  • sburns2421

    In my observation, people buy these bikes for much the same reason they buy literbikes: because they are big and stupidly fast. If you look at the press gushing over the Superduke R and before that the Tuono V4, and then also see how tepid enthusiasm is for bikes like the CB1000R and new Kawa Z1000, you must conclude that excitement is the #1 criteria. Since it is rare to get to try all the new bikes before buying, a customer is left using spec sheets and magazine/online reviews to base their buying decisions. With those resources in mind it is not surprising that the more extreme bikes are what gets the press.

    Hopefully Suzuki does not water the bike down and sticks the full power GSXR-1000 engine in this thing but I suspect they will not. Instead it will be a naked with 20 less peak hp than the GSXR, weighs almost the same, cost within $1000 of the sportbike, and Suzuki will wonder why it doesn’t sell.

  • Jason

    Didn’t honda cut power from 155 all the way down to around 100 or 105hp when they put the CBR1000RR motor into the CB1000? If Suzuki does that, this will be a flop. If the motor is good and the suspension hasn’t been “budget ized”, and it doesn’t gain weight over the superbike, I’m sure some will sell… I would consider it for sure. I’m a Z1000 owner and the bike is too heavy. Torque is good but it needs more top end too…

  • Paul McM

    Quote: “It’s just a Honda CB1000R with a banana swingarm and some Suzuki stickers….”

    Yep. Just what I thought… except Suzuki managed to make the back-end even uglier and the pillion even more useless. When will Japanese styling once again be informed by common sense? This is a bike that copies bikes that didn’t sell, so what’s the point? Count me disappointed. Prediction: Sales failure.

    And what is with the Japanese building rear seats that will only work for a chimpanzee? Don’t motorcyclists ride with human females on the back any more? Honestly I want to fast-forward another decade when the whole currently styling trend has been completely abandoned. Suzuki needs to move in a totally different direction.

  • MikeD


    I heard some noise (2 months ago ?) about a new Busa version due soon, but the same source claimed that if it were to happen, the 600/750/1000 trio will get the refresh before the big girl gets any MUCH NEEDED LOVE.

    Said source speculated too that it would be more realistic to expect anything beyond 2015, maybe even 2016.

    @Paulus & Jaybond:

    Suzuki had a pot of gold on their hands with both the B-King and the Stratosphere but just like a 5 year old handed over the keys to a Boing 777 they just didn’t know what to do with it.

    I have never forgotten that awesome looking header waterfall:

  • Laurencio

    I wonder if we will see a 300-500ish cc version.

  • irksome

    I’m with Kaw4Life; another generic Transformer toy, this time mated with a warthog.

    Guess I’m just old but I miss smooth curves. I have seen nothing new I’d even consider swapping for my ’98 Speed Triple, not even a new one.

    “Pull up yer pants, you damn kids. And get the hell off my lawn!”

  • Gutterslob

    Oh yay, another insectibike.

  • gsxr

    dont know about the technical point but it looks just so generic, like a boring driving school motorcycle. though it is still unspectular they somehow managed to pull of a “cartoony” design that will quickly look outdated.
    B-King looked much cooler, or if not pretty, much more interesting.

  • Viffer007

    What is beyond me is why all these nakeds tend to be more and more focussed. By that, I mean, no room/handlebar for a passenger, no luggage possibilities.
    It seems that those of us who want to carry passengers need to look at adventure bikes (now that sport-touring seems to be dead?)

    This is why I like the new monsters, at least, they get more practical, not less!

    Also, this Suzuki is not really pretty :-(

  • Not sure why we have to keep saying this. Just take a GSXR, add flat bars, a slightly higher screen and two more teeth on the rear sprocket[1] and that’s it. Don’t change anything else.

    But then if Suzuki won’t do it, then just do it yourself.

    [1] Something the stock GSXR (1000 and 750) and a naked could do with is more road oriented gearbox ratios. Leave 6th where it is as an overdrive for droning down the autobahn at 120mph. but move 2 through 5th down towards 1st so that the first 5 ratios are more useful in real world road riding and without the big jump between 1st and 2nd.

  • wedge

    Where’s the Stratosphere?
    Suzuki had a bike that would stand out, without needing transformer looks and a seat only high school girls would try to mount. I have had my Hayabusa for 12 years now. And still wondering if Suzuki will ever make a better replacement for me, that’s worth my money.