Sunday Motors Shows Itself as the Ohvale of Flat Track Racing

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We have already talked about what the pint-sized Ohvale is doing for road racing, with the 24hp race bike lighting up go-kart tracks around the world.

Now, source again the 187cc single-cylinder engine from Daytona, and use that same “built for kids (but really adults)” form-factor, except this time build this creation for the flat tracking realm, and what you have is the Sunday Motors S187.

While the concept is pretty simple, it is the price point that really caught our attention, with the French outfit having two affordable models for consumption – the S187 ($3,300) and the S147 ($2,300).

As the names imply, the two models differ in their engine displacement. Accordingly, the Sunday Motors S187 makes a stout 24hp from its 187cc Daytona engine, while the Sunday Motors S147 uses a slightly more sane 147cc engine from YCF.

Both bikes use 14″ wheels shod with flat track tires, along with a backbone-styled chassis design with a low-slung steel exhaust. Sunday Motors also makes a bevy of bodywork panels and other bits and bobs to allow for customization options.

All-in-all, these bikes from Sunday Motors look like a pretty cheap way to get on a flat track oval and have some fun – both for kids and adults.

Hopefully offerings like what we have from Sunday Motors will help cultivate a new generation of motorcycle enthusiasts, as has been the hope with the Ohvale road racers. Time will tell in that regard, but we can’t wait to give one a rip.

Sunday Motors S187

Sunday Motors S147

Source: Sunday Motors