UPDATE: Photos of the rear do seem to confirm that passenger pegs exist and fold underneath the tail section.

British magazine website Visordown has snagged the latest Ducati Diavel spy shots, showing the Italian power cruiser with a bit more fit & finish than has previously been seen in other photos. While the tank and headlight still have some camouflage¬†covering them, we get an especially clearer look at the Diavel’s left-hand side, which looks to be production ready.

Showing a unique trellis frame by Ducati standards, the Diavel also has a very pronounced “chin” fairing that likely helps draw air onto a lower radiator. Covering the top radiator appears to be another fairing the features gill slits, again likely for drawing air-flow through the whole of the bike.

Perhaps the biggest revelation to come from looking at these new photos, is the noticeable absence of a pillion and passenger footpegs, which brings up the question as to whether the Ducati Diavel will be a single-rider ride. You make the call in the photos after the jump.

Source: Visordown

  • froryde

    Hmm…let me see. Yep – still looks like CRAP.

  • Sean

    Without rehashing all my previous ire for this ill-conceived mutant bike I’ll say that in regarding the pillion question, that all looks like seat to me. Whether they’ll extent the plastics beyond what you see above or just leave it a precarious little perch, remains to be seen.

  • giova

    VERY UGLY, Ducati is loosing me:(

  • patron

    the rear view doesnt look that bad, but the other angles are not my cup of tea. i thought it would have/should have a more aggressive seating position

  • fazer6

    Looks like a pillion to me too, with removable pegs, ala 1098, etc.

  • The thing that trips me up, is in the first photo the tail is clearly one piece. Either that’s a banana-style seat, or it’s a single seat tail fairing.

  • joe

    I think its banana style. I also think, based on the 1198 motor, bar position, and rake, that this will push the front end like a bastard. Hopefully they’ll all be crumpled in the waste bin as quickly as they are made, with no harm to the riders of course.

  • patron

    it looks like ducati have made a cruiser that wont travel long distances well. a joy rider. all the storage space is clearly on the riders back.

  • Andrey

    This is looking worse not better. The line of the top of the tank and down to the headlight reminds me of an “Alien” (from the movie). Riding position looks very odd. I think they have lost the plot, that is an ugly bike.

  • Sean

    It looks like a whale, or a porpoise at least.

  • Terry Lemmons

    FUGLY. lets hope that Ducati will make some major changes befor they try to sell something like that.

  • MikeD

    The Passenger Pegs fold & tuck under the the Tail Plastics, like variable geometry wings on a MIG-27.

  • fazer6

    Right, HFL pinpointed the peg function, fold up at the mounting point.

  • Billy B.Tso

    umm…awkward looking bike…nothing special. A massive anti-climax to what it could’ve been…

  • ExtremeUtimateMan

    I love it! a comfortable incredibly lightweight Power Cruiser. It will look good in Yellow with really loud pipes

  • patron

    Apples to apples? Given the choice between the two, I’ll take a V-Max.

  • irksome

    Why does this thing remind me of a Pontiac Aztek? At least we know the 3 grappa lunch isn’t dead in Italy.

    (I would have said AMC Gremlin but I LOVED them.)

  • MikeD

    @Irksome: Dang, is it THAT ugly to u ? lol.

    @Patron: Me 2.

  • +1, MCN are claiming folding pillion pegs. Wondered why more bikes don’t have fold away pegs, it’s not a particularly new idea- the 1993 Honda NSR had them.

  • gnmac

    F’n ugly sacrilegious piece of sh’t! On one hand, Ducati go balls out to hire the greatest rider in the MotoGP paddock, yet on the other, they make this sh’t – what the crap are they thinking??