Spy Photos: Brammo Empulse R Caught in the Wild

05/01/2012 @ 10:49 am, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

Next week we will get to see the Brammo Empulse R officially and publicly unveiled in Los Angeles, but the eagle-eyed lens of Brenda Priddy & Co. and the pages of AutoMoto have caught the electric motorcycle during a movie shoot for its upcoming launch. With an “R” emblazoned on the side, you can be sure this Empulse R and not the base model Empulse we have looked at for the past 22 months, though the two bikes seem to share a bit of similarity.

While the lines of the tail have been cleaned up, the Brammo Empulse R has gotten a physically larger battery pack, which extends down further from the frame. Adding in a chin fairing, the streetfighter look is a bit more muddled, and with a rider on-board the bike, it looks a bit egg-like to our eyes. Not the full-faired race replica we were hoping would compliment the naked Brammo Empulse, these pictures make us wonder what the difference between the two machines will be, if anything.

Check out AutoMedia for more details on the Brammo Empulse R spy photos.

Source: AutoMedia; Photo: Eugene Sergienko for Brenda Priddy & Company

  • I learn something new every day. Had to look up “chin fairing” because I was going to ask where you saw that, but now I see – on the body, just behind the front wheel. Biggest surprise to me was keeping the headlight. I thought they would go with something new. I still like the look, just thought they’d change it.

  • Ken C.

    I was hoping for a fully-faired, sportbike. Instead, we get… yawn.

    No thanks.


    It looks good! I think they did a better job with the rear subframe than on the original. I like how this doesn’t look like a “kit bike” like some of the other e-bikes on the market out there. Good job Brammo.

  • mark

    Yep, Steveo said he was filming dwntwn LA and that looks to be him on it. (Their TTXGP rider)
    I do like the tail much better, but the chin fairing blows. Wish it would stayed a naked street-fighter.

  • Westward

    Well, it looks like they refined that swing arm, which was an original criticism of mine, and it sounds like they improved the charging times I think, another knock I complained about.

    No belt drive, or competitive pricing relating to it’s likely ICE equivalent models…

    Oh well, they are improving…

  • I could do without the chin fairing too… but other than that the bike looks fantastic! Will be interesting to see if the regular Empulse (Which we know almost nothing about) will look any different. Brammo has only released specs and images (teasers) of the Empulse R AFAIK. Just another week and all will be revealed…

  • Dr. Gellar

    I hate to say this….but I’m a little bit disappointed. Maybe it is just the pictures, but the Empulse R looks more portly than the original prototype. I really liked the lean cafe-racerish look of the original, but I understand why they went for a more standard upright sitting position and all (and if the battery pack is bigger, why the bike may look more portly). I’ll just wait until Tuesday…maybe then my opinion will change.

  • Eric

    I’m not digging the chin fairing, either, but I like everything else I see. I can’t wait until Tuesday!