If you’re in the market for a custom Ducati Streetfighter that has more carbon than a charcoal briquette, then look no further than the Shift-Tech Carbon Streetfighter that’s currently up for sale on eBay. The bike has obvious features like Shift-Tech’s carbon fairings, Öhlins everything, BST carbon wheels, Zard exhaust, and carbon disc brakes, but at the heart of the bike is a worked over 1250cc motor that’s been built to out 162hp at the rear wheel, and will surely make a man out of any little boy.

As you slowly pick your jaw off the table, be sure to check out the auction for all the nitty-gritty build details (there’s a lot of work on this bike). While there is only 12 hours left on the auction at the time of this writing, the “Buy It Now” price of $43,500 makes us suspect that we’ll see this Streetfighter listed again in the near future. Thanks for the tip Josh!

Source: Rare Superbikes for Sale

  • Daniel Croft

    Carbon… with a TI exhaust? Gah?

  • Other Sean

    And a godawful ugly ti exhaust at that. Could it take up anymore space?

  • Shaman

    Dammit… how are people getting CMC rotors, mine have been on order for a full year now and I can’t lay hands on a set.

  • 76

    sorry to all the haters but that would be one fun bike to have. I’m not the one to drop that kind of loot on it but still a hell of a zipper.

  • froryde

    I’d rather have the Vyrus 986 M2 for that kinda money…