Sbay Jerry – Fine Art Meets Motorcycling

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While the United States has always been a center for custom motorcycle fabrication, a biker renaissance is currently underway on Spanish soil. It shouldn’t surprise us that one of the largest and most rabid places for motorcycling is fostering some of the most beautiful motorcycle masterpieces in the world, this is after all the same country that brought us Dalí, Goya, & Picasso.

Of course you have seen Madrid’s Radical Ducati gracing our pages, but some of our most favorite work comes from the folks over at Sbay. Truly two-wheeled artistry, our love affair first started with the Sbay Flying 1800, but we find ourselves in serious motorcycling lust with the firm’s latest creation: the Sbay Jerry.

An amalgamation of carbon fiber and aluminum, the Sbay Jerry is fitted with all the premium parts you would expect from a build of this caliber. Despite its high attention to detail and truly unique nature, Sbay says the concept of the Jerry was to build an everyday commuter bike, and thus insisted the custom to have a very comfortable sitting position for the rider.

Touting some Scandinavian connections, you will find mixed in with the ISR brakes and Öhlins suspension parts a set of spoked wheels by Haan (hub) & Takasago (wheel), a customer girder front-end, and an all-aluminum chassis. Tipping the scales at 206kg (454 lbs), the Jerry is no porker, though the company leaves the customer to choose from a variety of motors from Harley-Davidson, S&S, Total Performance, or Revtech. Enough talking, on with the picts.

Source: Inazuma Cafe Racer via Pipeburn