Saroléa SP7 Electric Superbike Debuts Ahead of IOMTT

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After a 50 Year Hiatus, the Belgian brand Saroléa is making a bit of comeback, albeit this time in electric form. Already making its intention to race in the 2014 Isle of Man TT, Saroléa has now finally debuted its racing machine, the Saroléa SP7.

An amalgamation of retro-styling and high-technology, the Saroléa SP7 boasts a carbon fiber chassis, a 174hp (130 kW) motor, and a 441 lbs bulk.

All of that is wrapped into a café racer styled machine, which with all the modern equipment has a certain juxtaposition that is both visually pleasing, and visually glaring — we will let you decide which sensation dominates your senses more heavily.

Set to make a proper debut at the Isle of Man in just a few weeks’ time, Saroléa will be an interesting entry to watch. Will the Belgian brand be a serious contender on the Mountain Course? Or, will this whole exercise prove to be just an elaborate product launch for yet another electric motorcycle company that doesn’t quite understand its target demographic?

Time will tell on that debate, of course. Until then though, Saroléa is full-steam ahead on its racing plans, with Robert Wilson signed-on to race the SP7 in the TT Zero event at the Isle of Man TT.

Wilson is a relatively green rider at the Isle of Man TT, competing in his first TT in 2011. That being said, with a 120 mph lap under his belt that rookie year, the Scottish rider certainly is no slouch on a motorbike.

Wilson will have his work cutout for him in 2014 though, as the Saroléa SP7 has potent competition from the likes of Team Mugen, and the Shinden San. With the Japanese electric superbike sporting nearly 100 lbs more of battery hulk, and two extra years of Isle of Man experience (not to mention a certain John McGuinness, and his teammate Bruce Anstey), there is a fierce playing field afoot.

For 2014 Saroléa likely hopes to gain helpful data from its three practice sessions, finish the race, and ensure a strong debut for the SP7. Selling a bike or two probably wouldn’t hurt either.

Source: Saroléa (Facebook)