XXX: So Many Hi-Res Photos of the Royal Enfield KX Concept

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If you are like us, you probably just finished drooling over the Royal Enfield KX concept, and were bummed that there weren’t any more hi-res photos to drool over and scrutinize from EICMA.

We feel your pain…that is why we have got close to 100 more photos for you. Booyakasha!

The bulk of the photos attached in the photo gallery concern the design process of creating the KX concept, which are interesting to see, though a little to “marketing focused” for our taste.

But, the real value comes as you scroll down and see the Royal Enfield KX concept in detail.

One of our favorite aspects of this bike is its single-sided swingarm, which pivots off the rear of the v-twin engine, and connects back to the chassis via a shock that is hidden under the seat. 

The girder front-end is an interesting choice, and really adds to the style of the machine. We are a bit worried about mounting the headlight directly to the girder though, and that that will mean going down bumpy roads. Concept bikes though, amiright?

Zooming in on the photos, we can see that the wheels are both 19″ units, which makes sense for the Maxxis DTR-1 race rubber that is on them. We really like that wheel size choice though, as it makes the KX look long and low on the pavement.

The chain drive and Brembo brake calipers are of note, and help the concept feel more premium. If there is a reason we haven’t published much about the Royal Enfield brand, it is because of the company’s certainly less-than-premium perception.

Maybe that’s about to change, on both accounts.

Source: Royal Enfield

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