For reasons we haven’t fully been able to understand, there has been a lot buzz lately about the new Himalayan model from Royal Enfield, the Indian company’s foray into the ADV market.

The premise might seem obvious enough, a small-displacement (410cc) adventure-tourer that is supposed to be cheap, rugged, and easy to work on.

There has always been a trade-off to make in buying a Royal Enfield though, with the “unique” charm of owning a motorcycle from the historic brand having to be balanced against its less than stellar reputation for quality and reliability.

While the idea of a simpler and easier adventure-tourer is certainly appealing to a demographic that is like to have to make repairs on the side of some single-track trail, it just seems you are just as likely to be making those repairs because something on the bike broke for no good reason. There’s a chicken and the egg thing going on somewhere here with this logic.

That being said, if you’re a brand that is try to tackle that very problem, it would probably be best not to show your rough and tumble ADV bike breaking when it is used on a modest of jump. Skip to 1:51 in the video, after the jump, and look for the right footpeg coming off during landing. Hrrm.

Source: ADV Pulse

  • Shinigami

    Oh well… at least it’s honest?

  • Paul McM

    An ADV bike that is “cheap, rugged, and easy to work on”. Hmmm sounds like my Suzuki DR650se. And it still has both its footpegs.

  • Brett Lewis

    “There’s a chicken and the egg thing going on…” And some egg-on-face thing too.

  • Eddie Smith

    I’ll let ’em slide since its a proto. Looks like a fun way to ride the subcontinent

  • Keith

    Too funny! Reminds me of when I was a kid, where after a few big jumps on a pedal bike the forks would be bent out…

  • paulus

    Blatant honesty in advertising. Probably not the best sales tactic, but at least customers know what to expect.

  • gildasd

    If I was to choose a bike to go from Brussels to Tokyo, it would probably be a modyfied Honda C90/C110.

  • Jack McLovin

    Isn’t that the point of testing and development you snarky hipsters you?

  • It’s a prototype validation. Atleast Royal Enfield is going out of the comfort zone.
    We need an ADV motorcycle ASAP to traverse the length and breadth of the continent(s)..

    Till then, i will wait till KTM 790 ADV is launched for MY2017.

  • Alclab Ventek

    LOL, no false advertising there!

  • paulus

    Testing, yes. Promotional video… No.

  • David Simpson

    Looks like the silencer is next….

  • racerX

    hahaha that’s great. The best part is the obvious “WTF????” moment right after it broke.

    Best of luck to any who fall for their deceivingly low MSRP’s…

  • 73mach3

    you got it all wrong. he just has his foot out to give it a push over the next bump!

  • Singletrack

    Using a rider in full MX gear sets expectations WAY too high. That just looks, and is silly. Stick with an open face helmet, jeans, and construction boots to keep the vibe right.

  • Jack McLovin

    But it’s a promotional video of the testing process clearly.