First Look at Ronin’s Pikes Peak Race Bike “Oishi Yoshio”

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When we first saw Magpul’s custom Buell motorcycle, called the Magpul Ronin, we were smitten. Thankfully, the Colorado gun accessory firm spun the project into its own company, with 47 Ronin motorcycles to be produced.

You may have seen the Ronin on our pages here at Asphalt & Rubber, or in person at shows like The One Show in Portland or The Handbuilt Show in Austin, and if you did, you probably noticed the supreme workmanship that’s gone into these bikes.

So maybe it’s a bit worrying that a Ronin plans to partake in the 93rd Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, which is being held June 28th. The bike question is a special machine too, it is Ronin #1 — named Oishi Yoshio, after the samurai leader of the same name from the “47 Ronin” story in Japanese history.

As such, the motorcycle is a special one from Ronin Motorcycles, and is built around an EBR 1190RX (complete with chain drive), rather than a Buell 1125R like the other 46 models.

At the helm of Oishi Yoshio will be Travis Newbold, a veteran racer in the “Race to the Clouds” hillclimb. Out testing the Ronin, Newbold and his team worked with an 1125R powered machine (shown in this story) though the 1190RX-powered bike will be used on race day.

“The first ride was a pretty darn good success. This is the secondary race bike. The primary one is going to be mental!” said Newbold. “I was pleased to find the Ronin handled very well. I pushed it harder and harder all day and did not have one single moment that the tires did not track like rails. The next month is going to be a lot of fun as I get more seat time. I am one lucky fucker!”

Ronin says both bikes are painted in a color combination that is a nod towards the classic Japanese anime science fiction series, Genesis Climber MOSPEADA.

We can’t wait to see Ronin compete on race day. Oishi Yoshio might not be the quickest up the mountain (a Kawasaki H2 is competing as well, after all), but it will certainly do it with the most style.

Ronin-Oishi-Yoshio-Travis Newbold-04

Ronin-Oishi-Yoshio-Travis Newbold-02

Ronin-Oishi-Yoshio-Travis Newbold-01

Ronin-Oishi-Yoshio-Travis Newbold-03

Source: Ronin