Rondine Moto2 Race Bike

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When the Moto2 Championship was conceived, the racing public was pitched the idea of exotic prototype racing machines that would be built around production-based motors. Immediately the idea of a grid full of Bimota-like machines began to tickle our fancy, however the reality has been that Moto2 chassis designs have been far-more grounded in their approaches and configurations.

Though we did see Bimota build a Moto2 racer with the Bimota HB4, it is motorcycles like the Vyrus 986 M2 that we really want to see filling the Moto2 grid. Of course with the spec-engine rules, races are being won and lost by just the smallest differences in chassis specifications, making the use of exotic designs a venerable game of Russian roulette. Don’t tell any of this to Rondine though, as the Italian firm is working hard on a unique Moto2 design of its own.

Lead by Philip and Mark Nuccitelli, the small Roman team is better known for its Rondine RRV1 track bike, and while they have dabbled in electric motorcycles, the Rondine Moto2 concept is taking the Nuccitellis back to their racing roots. Instead of using a twin-spar aluminum frame, like many of the teams are currently using in Moto2, the Rondine Moto2 bike is comprised of several large billet aluminum plates that are joined together to make the bike’s chassis.

Anticipating the opening-up of Moto2’s spec-engine rule from using only Honda’s CBR600RRR motor, Rondine has designed their prototype around the 600cc engines built by Yamaha and Kawasaki. Certainly a creative design, the Rondine Moto2 concept is a bold move in a space that traditionally rewards only conservative approaches. In an industry famous for killing ideas that work in the test lab, but fall on the race track, we wish the Rondine crew the best of luck in their efforts.