Ronax 500 – Don’t Call It a Honda NSR500 Replica

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The folks at Ronax are certainly getting away with not saying much, especially when it comes to their soon-to-be-released Ronax 500 motorcycle. Dressed in a neon yellow cover, limited to only 46 units, and looking suspiciously similar thru the sheet to a Honda NSR500, what Ronax isn’t saying is that its creation is a replica of Valentino Rossi’s last two-stroke race bike (the Honda NSR500), but they are certainly doing everything in their power to convey that very fact.

Since the dawn of the four-stroke era of Grand Prix racing, many old-school GP fans have been left wanting the days of 500cc two-stroke machines, which were known for their razor-thin power bands, lack of electronics, and propensity to launch riders into low-Earth orbit.

The last man to win a GP championship on a 500cc two-stroke machine, Valentino Rossi is of course a crowd favorite – and using his name and history, without actually using it, is a clever (though modestly unethical) way of selling some bikes.

Ronax is high on hyperbole, but low on details, but we do know that the Ronax 500 will have a 500cc two-stroke V4 engine at its core. It will be “street legal” – though would-be American owners should have no delusions about how unrealistic that claim will be in the USA – and accordingly mirrors and lights will come attached.

The Ronax 500 comes with an electric starter, as well as electronic fuel-injection, making it more manageable for those without a pit crew at their disposal. No word on price, though if you have to ask you…well, you know. An official debut, with hopefully more details, is expected on June 8th. More news then, as we get it.





Source: Ronax