Rok Bagoroš’s New KTM 690 Duke Stunt Bike

04/24/2012 @ 11:48 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

You may remember Rok Bagoroš from his two-wheeled escapades on the KTM 125 Duke, but the 23-year-old Slovenian stunt rider has just graduated to KTM’s big-boy hooligan machine: the KTM 690 Duke. With the Austrian manufacturer making a special KTM 690 Duke to suit the needs of Bagoroš, the folks at Kiska have also given the new Duke a nice personalized and edgy look to the bike to fit Rok’s style.

“There’s a BIG difference between the two bikes,” says Rok. “The bike has five times more power then the Duke 125 and any mistake can result in a crash, as I’ve already discovered. The bike has amazing power but I’m slowly getting it under control. I have to remember that this is my first big stunt bike and so I have to learn how to handle the extra power and convert it into spectacular tricks that will be fun to do and thrilling for the fans.”

While Rok gets used to his new toy, we will just have to lament the fact that KTM is still not bringing this bike to the United States. Enjoy the photos and video after the jump, it is likely as close as you will get to the KTM 690 Duke on USA soil.


Source: Rok Bagoroš

  • joe

    That video sucks

  • para

    “will just have to lament the fact that KTM is still not bringing this bike to the United States.”

    We have it over hee in Australia and itsso vastly overpriced against the competition, its a joke. Thats the case wth all KTM road bikes here. I am guessing the Austrians realise, that Americans arent idiots on price and see through such a farce straight away, whereas in Oz KTM bases its reputation (read:hype) on dirtbikes, which are a big seller here (and where overcharging doesnt stand out, since everybody is doing it).

  • 2ndclass

    A new Duke is $10.5k AUD, hardly overpriced considering it’s fair better specced than any of its 600ish cc middle-weight competitors. It’d barely even be $1500 more than ER-6n, I know which I’d rather have.

  • Damo

    I admit I don’t know anything about stunt biking, but why the dual rear brake calipers?

    I agree KTM road bikes are a bit pricey. Here in the States an RC8R is the same price as a base BMW S1000RR, while a new Fireblade is $13000 even out the door with a rebate from Honda.

    I personally love the RCR8 (most ergonomic race rep ever), but the only thing that stopped me from picking one up was the weak dealer network here in the far north east.

  • Damo

    In addition, I love large bore singles and even if the 690 Duke is a bit pricey, it does bring something truly unique to the table over the other middle weights on the market.

    Plus we all know KTM can build a single better than most.

  • 2ndclass

    One is controlled as usual by the footlever, the other is run by a thumb brake on the bars so it can be used while the rider is sitting on the tank.

  • Singletrack

    “…, it is likely as close as you will get to the KTM 690 Duke on USA soil.”

    I bet you’d get a lot closer with a 690 Enduro. And closer still if you put street wheels on that.

  • yet another music video posing as moto promo.

  • Damo


    Thanks! I actually never knew that.

    Somewhat related note: Didn’t Troy Courser use a thumb actuated rear brake in WSBK?