Would You Rock This Electric Dirt Bike from Yamaha?

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Astute readers will realize that if there’s a Yamaha PES2 electric concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, then surely there must be a Yamaha PED2 concept as well, as the two electric concepts were two-sides of the same coin, back in 2013.

Yes Virginia, there is a PED2 concept, and while it looks closer to being production ready than its predecessor, Yamaha seems content to simply call this electric motorcycle a concept…for now.

Yamaha says that the PED2 is designed for hitting mountain trails, where riders can capitalize on its clean and quiet performance characteristics. Like the PES2, the Yamaha PED2 is supposed to make similar power to a 50cc-125cc moped or motorcycle, so it isn’t going to blast your socks off.

Still, the design is interesting, as it looks like something Zero Motorcycles would make…if Zero Motorcycles had any taste in aesthetics.

The Yamaha PED2 concept weighs under 220 lbs (100kg), making it very suitable to off-road riding. There is no telling how much power is in its monocoque chassis / battery pack, which is of course going to be the limiting factor.

It doesn’t look like Yamaha will be bringing either the PES2 or PED2 to market in 2016, as was anticipated, but the tuning fork brand is certainly getting closer, from the looks of it. Stay tuned.

Source: Yamaha