Get Ready for the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800

10/18/2013 @ 9:08 am, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS


Those Italians in Varese are getting their EICMA machine ready, and have sent the international press invitations to see the new MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800. As the name implies, the machine is a sport-tourer, likely based off the still unreleased MV Agusta Rivale 800 platform and its 800cc three-cylinder engine.

Details beyond this are unknown, though the Turismo Veloce 800 is likely to look like sex on two wheels, as all MV machines tend to do. We hope that the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 looks like the MV Agusta Tricruiser concept we saw back in 2011. Photos of that rolling piece of art are after the jump.

Source: MV Agusta

  • AdmiralSlow

    1) You might want to blur out the location and contact info for the event. Don’t want the Italians to reserve a seat for Mr Jablowme, Heywood.

    2) It’ll probably look like an F3 with a bigger fairing and bags. That concept bike is far too different with any model they currently make and I don’t think MV has that kind of cash to start a brand new assembly line.

  • Anvil

    Doubt it’ll look too much like the Tricruiser. It doesn’t seem too practical for a sport-tourer, although I hope they took some inspiration from it.

  • Judge

    MV Agusta and Erik Buell Racing = a match made in heaven? They both have what the other desperately needs.

    Except a dealer network, neither has a dealer network. Never mind.

  • kostritzer

    I REALLY hope it looks nothing like that! Now a sport touringized F3…that’s something I can get excited about!

  • MikeD

    For all that’s Sacred, Holly & important to MV Agusta i hope this bike looks NOTHING like that concept.

    That Fairing is PLAIN WRONG & THEN SOME.

    Something MORE along the lines of a Futura, VFR800, F800GT . . . please ?

    Hope this one lives up to MV’s current level of aesthetics.


    Hope you are right !

  • Tom

    Judge – Sorry, but I don’t think MV Agusta and Erik Buell Racing are in the same class together. How many people do you know want a Buell or dream about owning a Buell? I have yet to meet anyone. I’ve always felt that Buell designs and makes motorcycles that nobody wants to actually buy.

  • MikeD


    Now you’ve done it. You have picked the wrong brand to botch. Apparently u haven’t seen the banter/inquisition/holly crusade that’s known as the EBR 1190RS comments section. I would start running if i was you. It won’t be safe for you anywhere on this website now.
    The Buell fan boys and girls are going to burn you alive at the stake for spewing such blasphemy.
    May the Motorcycle Gods have pity on your foolish soul. (^_^)

  • Richard Gozinya

    Tom, that’s always been one of Erik Buell’s shortcomings. His bikes functionally are amazing. But aesthetically they’re generally hideous. I always liked the looks of the XB Lightnings though, something brutally functional about them, sort of a Rocky Balboa thing going on there. The 1125 on the other hand, that was all kinds of wrong.

  • Judge

    Tom – none, don’t know a single one. I agree, MV and EBR might be complete opposites. MV’s got style coming out its tail pipes, but fit and finish, and reliability are the worst. Like Richard said, Erik’s got ingenuity and reliability squared away, but aesthetics are for shit. Hence my realization that they both have what the other needs, except (I thought) a dealer network. It appears that MV has around 16 dealers in the US. EBR stated in an article from June 2012 “in 2011 we signed a handful. Now we are signing more every month. We should hit our goal of 70 new dealers by the end of August (2012).”

    70!!! Search for a new EBR on Cycletrader results in only 2. And only 1 of those dealers confirms anything about EBR on their website.

    I can tell you one thing though. My view of EBR would have improved if he’d of teamed up with an Italian outfit. But a company from India? Ah, not so much.

  • Richard Gozinya

    Judge, I actually think the Hero thing is a good move. He’s getting their money, maybe help with production stuff. As far as design elements, he doesn’t so much need to team up with an Italian company, as hire someone like Galluzzi or Terblanche. Oddly, for designers best known for their work with Italian brands, neither of them are actually Italian. For that matter though, he could bring in just about any designer. I know that Filipo Barbacane and Roland Sands have both done beautiful custom Buells in the past.

  • Judge

    So we can agree that he needs an outside influence for his design work, preferably European. Of course he needed Hero’s money. But the other so obvious thing he’s missing is style, and there’s none of that in India. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon comes to mind:

  • jake318

    I have a stable of roughly 15 liter bikes/ Superbikes And my top 3 are as follows

    1 2007 MV AGUSTA F4 1000R = Stunning looks , fast , and great handling track day bike . 2 . 2010 ROEHR 1250SC= Supercharged 1250cc L/C Harley Davidson V-ROD V-TWIN 180HP 115 LBS TORQUE @ 8000RPM , INCREADABLE bottom end/ midrange power good handling , great looks .
    3 2006 TRIUMPH SPRINT 1050 ST= 1050 INLINE TRIPLE 125HP 75? LBS TORQUE @ 8000 RPM

    Point is I love my MV AGUSTA F4 1000R BUT Its not that I have MV bias . I judge motorcycles on there merits NOT the brand , I like many different brands of bike s .