BMW R90 Interceptor – The Last RAD Bike

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For the past week or so I have been stooped over in a depression, because after hearing the news that Radical Ducati would be shutting its doors after 15 years of incredible custom motorcycle building, I am just not sure if life is worth living. That’s a bit of hyperbole of course, but we are, like many, selfishly saddened to see that Pepo and Reyes will be moving onto bigger and better things.

So, it is with some irony that we bring you the last motorcycle to come from Radical Ducati — ironic because the machine is not one of RAD’s mix-matched Ducati’s, which has given the small Spanish firm such notoriety, but instead the motorcycle is a BMW, with the same unique style and flare. Dubbed the BMW R90 Interceptor, the machine is a joint project between Radical Ducati and MaxBOXER.

Noticeable right away is one of Radical Ducati’s signature tail pieces, and upon closer inspection one will see that the Interceptor sports Ducati pieces for its front-end, so not is all wrong with the world. Full of go as well as show, MaxBOXER has given the R100 motor a thorough going over, and the overall package looks quite the air-cooled business.

A bit different from the v-twins we are used to seeing from Radical Ducati, the Interceptor’s boxer engine and cafe race lines somehow still fit with the firm’s overall aesthetic. As Chris Hunter from BikeEXIF penned, the machine is a fitting swansong for Radical Ducati. We can’t agree more.















BMW R90 Interceptor Build List:

  • Modified  BMW R80 ST frame with reinforced tubes
  • Monolever  swing arm and R100RS Monolever bevel box
  • Paralever modified (17 inches) rear wheel
  • Ducati  Monster  yokes
  • Ducati Sport Classic fork
  • Tomaselli clip-ons
  • Ducati Sport Classic spoked front wheel (17 inches)
  • Ducati Monster 900 rotors
  • Ducati Sport Classic Discacciati calipers kit.
  • Ducati Monster 900  brake pump.
  • RAD, foldable and adjustabble CNC machined levers.
  • Tomaselli quick open gas throtle
  • Suzuki GSXR 600, clutch lever
  • Carbon Fiber RAD front mudguard
  • Pantahstica front fairing
  • Custom made front bracket
  • Modified Laverda fuel tank
  • Modified carbon fiber RAD 02 Montjuich solo seat
  • Derbi GPR 50  footlevers support
  • Tarrozi foot levers
  • SuperMario 2 in 1 exhaust system
  • BMW S1000RR  silencer
  • Dell’Orto PHM 40 carburetors
  • MWR airfilter  pods
  • R100 MaxBOXER Powered Engine :
  • Crankcase reduced to minumum
  • Upper positioned on frame for more ground clearance
  • Blueprinted motor
  • Head cylinders worked and gasflowed heads with bigger intakes, big valves,
  • Head cylinder cover with rapid oil filling hole
  • High-compression and lightened pistons
  • Racing light clutch
  • Oil pan intermediate crankcase, external oil filter
  • Ducati Paso oil radiator with external hoses
  • Revised and updated gearbox with racing adjustments
  • Electrics : Racing wire, LIPO battery, Silent Hetkit electronic front crankshaft ignition with 16 mappings, electronic regulator

Source: Radical Ducati