With the advent of the Ducati Monster 1200, it was only a matter of time before Ducati’s middleweight liquid-cooled “Monster 800” would be spotted, and unsurprisingly the machines have a great deal in common.

The one big difference seems to be that the 821cc Monster gets a double-sided swingarm, which has become Ducati’s new way of differentiating between its big and medium displacement models of the same machine, see entry for Ducati 899 Panigale.

With the spied Ducati Monster 800 looking ready for primetime, and Audi’s ownership of Ducati seeing new models debuting outside of EICMA and INTERMOT, a pre-fall launch isn’t out of the question — in fact it’s been the norm with 2015 model year bikes for a variety of brands.

Giving us an excellent glimpse into what the Ducati Monster 800 would look like, Luca Bar has again used his Photoshop skills to render up images of the still unreleased “baby” Monster. Seriously, if there wasn’t Luca’s logo on these photos, we could probably pass them off as five-fingered studio shots. Nice work Luca!


Source: Luca Bar Design (Blog)

  • ML

    I don’t like that anemic in appearance swingarm. Looks way to budget akin to what you’d find on a entry level sub 500cc bike.

    On a positive note, at least in these pictures, the water pipes don’t look as bad. I’m sure some aftermarket supplier will come up with a clever way to hide them cause I’m sure in reality, they will stand out.

  • Sixty7

    Swingarm’s to small the older 696 monster had a chunkier arm than this and that was a air/oil cooled lump so I don’t really understand Ducati’s direction with this bike…..I have to say also that I’m not a lover of the new airbox type trellis headstock frame (if u can call it that…..yuk) to me Ducati’s should have a Trellis frame end of…..history tells us they work very well….!!!

  • Mitch

    All these new Ducatis lookin like Tetsuo’s arm from Akira

  • Westward

    If the swing arm of the 800 Panigale is any indication of a trend at Ducati regarding their mid class bikes, hen hands down MV Agusta with its Brutale and Dragster are the sexiest Italian bikes around…

    It would seem to me, if that is the case with the Monster and Panigale, then Ducati ceases to be the Ferrari of motorcycles and now become the Toyota Prius of bikes…

  • froryde

    Wondering if those wheels fit on my 696 … ;)

  • @DaveMinella

    Westward, the only reason I bought a ’13 848 instead of the ’14 899 is that I couldn’t get over that damn ugly swingarm.

  • Faust

    If anyone gets an 848 over an 899 simply because of the swingarm, then I would advise you to never test ride an 899. It’s simply the best thing I’ve ever experienced on two wheels. Ducati is drawing in a ton of customers that would never have previously owned one. Ducati will never be the Toyota Prius of motorcycles, and we all know it. They are selling more bikes now than ever, and that intake of money is allowing them to do things like the 1199R and Superleggera so what’s the issue? Maybe they are moving away from being the Ferrari of bikes, but if that’s true, then they are literally becoming the Audi of bikes (and that’s not a bad thing). My 899 had been perfect, and a Ducati with 15k mile valve adjustment intervals? Yup. I absolutely love it. Ducati is clearly going in the right direction, and the numbers speak for themselves.

  • Westward


    Technology wise Ducati is Ducati, the Ferrai of motorcycles. But style-wise, in regards to their mid class bikes then yes, they are becoming the Prius of bikes, style-wise.

    The single sided swing arm is one of the defining characteristics of a Ducati sport bike. It’s like replacing the thong of a bikini model with granny panties….

  • Westward

    The MVAgusta 800 Brutale Dragster is like an Italian supermodel, compared to the Ducati Monster 899 which is more like a hot librarian, if this depiction is even remotely close.

    Not to say I wouldn’t chat up the librarian, which by the way I am currently in a relationship with one now… (that is to say I ride a Ducati Monster presently)

    What can I say? I’m into Italian women (I mean bikes) I could maybe also be attracted to an Italian with a hint of German too, but that remains to be seen…

  • Jw

    I think it looks pretty nice

  • Faust

    People simply need to get over the swingarm thing and realize that the newer Ducs are great bikes and much more capable than before. The 999 was also a fantastic Duc, and way ahead of it’s time. It was criticized for the exact same reason yet it was the most successful superbike in racing that Ducati had ever had. If you look at the evolution from the 851 to 1199, one thing is for certain. Ducati, unlike MV is not going to just sit there and produce the same exact bike for a decade plus. I’m sick of all MVs having exactly the same look. If MV had made the 916, they’d likely be producing a 2014 916RR Corsacorta right now. Ducati is really coming along, and I’m happy as hell with my new Duc, and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.

    PS, ride an 899 and it will convert you!

  • Lewis Dawson

    An interesting series of comments about swingarms and style. The next time we find a Harley to bash, we will promptly return to favoring function over form, I predict.

  • Fast N Nasty

    The good old days of Ducati are over, the new models are gross. I have a 2009 Monster, so I was offered a demo ride on the new 1200 at my local dealership today, they received their first earlier this week. It is fast, much faster yes, but it’s bigger, heavier, less nimble, uglier, and most importantly has no personality. The electronic throttle feels like a video game, and this is the first Ducati I’ve ever ridden with vibration issues, I guess from the frameless design, which Ducati tried to mask with rubber footpegs and handlebar mounts. The actual experience of riding the bike is lost within the multitude of electronics. Bottom line for me is it did not put a smile on my face, not the way my 1100S does. Not by a long shot, I will not be upgrading! The air cooled Monster and Hypermotard were the real deal, as compared to their respective newer iterations. The good Ducatis were raw, fun, oozing personality and soul. That is what made me loyal to them. But if they lose that, they lose me.

  • Jobie

    Does anyone commenting on this realize that this is a RENDERING, and not the actual product. So its useless to complain about something that doesn’t exist.

  • Richard Gozinya

    I like that they’re not going with a single sided swingarm on this, as well as the 899. Single sided swingarms are all form and no function. At least on chain drive bikes. Shafties seem to favor them, for some reason. Maybe there’s a reason for Guzzi and BMW doing that, I don’t know. Anyways, yeah, a normal swingarm is way better. Lighter and stronger. Always good things.

    Obviously I’m not the target of Ducati, I think the best thing to happen to a Ducati engine is when it gets stuck into an NCR. Now if only I could afford one of those M4 One Shots.

  • Kevin C


    This is not an official Ducati rendering. Save your praise/scorn for the real thing.

    Carry On.

  • Pedro

    I think the swing arm is OK on the panigale and it is Ok in here too. For me the only real issue with this bike is all the liquid cooler system mess around the engine. The air cooled engine was clean and pretty, this one is a mess of tubes and plastic pieces.