Polaris Slingshot Prices Going Up $1,200 for 2016

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If you’ve been debating whether or not to get a Polaris Slingshot, your indecision may have just cost you $1,200. Just posted to the company’s website, Polaris has raised the MSRP on both its Slingshot models by $1,200.

The price hike is a simple matter of supply and demand, as Slingshot dealers cannot keep the three-wheeled not-a-car fun machine stocked on their showroom floors. With many dealers sold out, and Polaris capped on how many units it can produce a year, the only economic choice then was to raise the prices.

This price increase is already effective, as of the beginning of this week, and any further Slingshot orders this year will come at the more expensive. As such, the base model Slingshot is $21,199 and the Slingshot SL is $25,199.

Given how much fun the Polaris Slingshot is to drive, and how affordable the reverse-trike is compared to a cheap sports car, it’s not surprising to see that Polaris can command more money for its creation.

In fact, we doubt the price change will affect sales much for Polaris, though it certainly will help the company’s bottom line.

What will be interesting to see though is with Polaris’ apparent success, whether there will be any copycat entries into this unconventional motorsports segment.

It may not be a motorcycle in the eyes of motorcyclists, but clearly Americans are still keen to buy fun motor vehicles, and are willing to spend ~$20,000 for them.

Source: Polaris

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