We already teased you with Pierobon’s newest creation, a trellis frame kit for the Ducati 1199 Panigale, and now we have the full details of this Italian firm’s work…along with some tasty photos.

Pierobon says it wanted to build a chassis kit was to build a bolt-on frame that would replace Ducati’s “frameless” design, with a steel trellis creation.

The project’s main goal was to add no further weight to the svelte Panigale, but also to bring the chassis stiffness into spec with the parameters Pierobon has shown on its previous machines (Pierobon X60R & Pierobon F042).

Using 28mm diameter steel tubing for the trellis work, Pierobon says it design meets the project’s weight criteria, and computer analysis suggests that torsional stiffness is right on point as well with the Bologna firm’s goals. Now Pieorbon just waits to go riding on the track.

Building the trellis to include the swingarm pivot point, Pierobon’s design allows for engine swaps to be an easier affair on the Panigale, though the team had to employ some clever designing to make clearance for the side-mounted rear shock and to keep the weight of the overall frame down.

Pierobon also had to construct its own airbox for the trellis frame design, and the unit retains the same volume as the WSBK-spec Ducati 1199 Panigale RS13.

Another WSBK design is the rear subframe, which is of an aluminum-trellis design, and now connects to the main steel frame instead of the engine cylinder head.

For those not in the know, Pierobon is the designer and maker of Alstare Ducati’s recent trellis rear subframe, and has shown that the design, along with a reformed fuel tank, helps the weight balance of the Panigale race bike.

Other details include Pierobon’s own rearset configuration, made out of aluminum, which is a must-have consider how slippery the stock units are while riding aggressively.










Source: Pierobon

  • CW

    Holy hell, this would make for a stunning naked bike project. Can somebody more talented than me please get on this?!?

  • K1200Rider

    Beautiful work! now for the elephant in the room.. the price for this kit? Obviously this is going to be a non street legal frame, correct? I am guessing his core customers are probably going to be rich track day riders..

  • K1200Rider

    CW, you should have a look at holographic hammer, for his naked version of the 1199..


  • Nick Brennan

    I want a seat with a litttle more padding than that.

  • Norm G.

    this is the follow up article I’ve been waiting for. was so not expecting the bonus photo bomb. homerun Jensen…!!!

  • philly phil

    i’m all for the frameless design. I think if ducati can optimize it, it’ll be the way of the future…
    but holy hotness, that add-on is still pretty hot.

  • Norm G.

    re: “now for the elephant in the room.. the price for this kit?”

    that’s not the elefant (see entry for cagiva). the “elefant” is, does this adapted trellis cut a better lap time than the ally front bone in a comparison test…?

    it won’t beat checa on an 1198 round imola (afterall not even grinner could manage that lol), but i’d say it’d at least match a half trellis desmo.

    re: “Now Pierobon just waits to go riding on the track.”

    hustle up.

  • Norm G.

    re: ” I think if ducati can optimize it, it’ll be the way of the future…”

    …or the past.

  • Aj

    Really interested to see if it’s better than the stock frame. I have a suspicion that the monocoque was more of a cost solution rather than an engineering solution. Obviously, it isn’t a competitive advantage.

  • RL

    This is the Panigale Ducati should have made in the first place. When will they abandon the frameless design on their superbikes? Especially now that the desmo has gone back to using a frame.

  • smiler

    K1200. Think that is an 899, look at the swing arm. However take your point.

    It seems to share some ideas with the new Monster. Front trellis and the rear sub frame.

    This however really is a thing of beauty. Add the std rear seat and chop the upper fairing, job done.
    Might even do for WSBK. However Stacey Coner ruled out scaffolding for MotoGP, you cannot get the consistency. Having said that, given he could tell the difference between identical bikes, having the feedback seems to be 90% of the issue.

    That red colour is the colour of love.

    1199 with 15% premium – recycleable aluminium.

    They really do make some special bikes.

  • Norm G.

    re: “I have a suspicion”

    more like a confirmation from yours truly.

    re: “Stacey Coner ruled out scaffolding for MotoGP, you cannot get the consistency.”


  • Mormont

    Wow. Very impressive.

    $20 says we will see this frame on the WSBK Panigales sometime next year.

  • BBQdog

    Just as I was about to say ‘bikes are indeed getting uglier and uglier’ (see Benelli, MV Turismo, new Monster) and then I saw this. Not bad at all.

  • Well all we need now is a back to back comparison between this and a stock frameless design by a pro rider (Checa?). Same track, same tires, same rider see what works better..

  • John D’Orazio

    Progress be damned! There is just something right about a trellis frame on a Ducati. It is my favorite feature of my MS4. I just love looking at it. I understand that the complaint from a racing point of view was that no two were exactly alike and thus bike No. 1 and No. 2 would perform differently with the same setup. But this level of engineering and build quality looks very promising. Pure art…

  • Judge

    dc4go – Checa???

    I guess you didn’t hear he broke his pelvis? He’s history from ever racing again and will be a long time before he even thinks about riding again.

  • @ Judge………. Checa will continue testing future Ducati’s . Lets face it a retired Checa is still faster than 99% of the world.

  • Norm G.

    re: “I understand that the complaint from a racing point of view was that no two were exactly alike”

    right then, would you understand that 16 other riders with a whopping 28 championships between them have never once made this complaint in the past two decades…?

  • Mobber

    Any ideas of what brand the seat this is??