This Petronas Replica Yamaha YZF-R1 in Sepang Racing Team Colors Is Well-Kitted & Damn Tasty

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Race replicas are nothing new in the motorcycle industry. Take your street model, slap some paint and sponsor graphics on it, and call it good. Easy peasy. The folks at Yamaha Motor Europe didn’t get that memo, however.

Teaming up with the YART GTYR Pro Shop, these stalwarts of the tuning fork brand have created a unique YZF-R1 that pays homage to another of their sister outfits, the Petronas-backed Sepang Racing Team.

At first glance, it is easy to miss the fact that you are not looking at the MotoGP-bred Yamaha YZR-M1, as YME and YART have created a new front fairing for the R1, which incorporates a large winglet design.

On top of that is the traditional turquoise and black livery from SRT Yamaha, complete with the sponsor graphics you would expect from a replica machine.

Completing the package is a bevy of GYTR parts from the Yamaha parts bin, as well as some tasty high-spec bits that you would normally see on a race bike.

This includes Öhlins FGRT front forks, an Öhlins TTX rear shock, and a Öhlins steering damper, as well as Brembo GP4-RX calipers, mated to a 19mm Brembo RCS Corsacorta master cylinder and Brembo 320mm T-Drive discs.

You will find forged aluminum Marchesini wheels in the package as well (shod with Michelin race slicks, obviously), along with a bevy of titanium bolts, carbon fiber bodywork pieces, and a GYTR ECU.

All-in-all, it is a pretty spicy track build for a Yamaha YZF-R1 in its own right, with YME and YART then going the extra distance to make it something unique for the 46 potential buyers (helping to commemorate 46 years of Petronas in motorcycle racing).

“We are delighted to be introducing this exclusive PETRONAS Yamaha SRT MotoGP replica, which includes a variety of upgrades to bring near MotoGP performance to our customers,” said Mandy Kainz, owner of YART GYTR Yamaha Pro Shop.

“It’s a timely launch, as it coincides with the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Yamaha Austria Racing Team and the opening of our new GYTR Pro Shop. Everyone at PETRONAS Yamaha SRT, YART and all of our partners have done a fantastic job putting this project together and I’d like to thank everyone involved in producing what is, without question, a magnificent bike.”

Along with the replica YZF-R1 itself, each customer will receive an exclusive package comprising a KYT Helmet, a Petronas Yamaha SRT polo shirt, and the future opportunity for a VIP guest pass for the MotoGP round of their choice.

Pricing is set at €46,000, and if you are interested, you can submit your purchasing desire here.

Source: Yamaha Motor Europe

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