The Nito N4 Concept Is a Little Gem for City Riders

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This little gem, the Nito N4, has been burning a hole in our to-do list for far too long, ever since we saw it at the EICMA show in Milan last year. It’s not a big fancy superbike, and it’s not even a proper supermoto.

Instead, the 15hp Nito N4 is just an attractive people-mover that extends the Italian brand’s offering of urban-use two-wheelers.

On that vein, Nito says that the N4 is good for over 90 miles of range, can reach a top speed of 90 mph (150 km/h), and tips the scales at 385 lbs.

Though it would probably wither on the freeway, those specs are respectable for a simple grocery-getter (we’d prefer to see a little less weight, of course).

Nito Bikes seems to have a focus on close-distance urban mobility solutions though, with the N1 being an electric standing scooter, the N2 a pedal-assist e-bike, and the N3 an electric mini-bike. Presumably, the N4 is their attempt to push their lineup into bigger bike categories.

For us though, it is the design of the Nito N4 that gets us interested, as it looks like a tasteful modern motorcycle with notes from the supermoto and flat track scenes.

Items of interest include a single-sided swingarm, which one will see is absent of a drive chain or belt. This is because the wire-spoked rear wheel also holds a hub-motor that powers the motorcycle. It makes for a clean look, though probably also accounts for the underwhelming power figures.

The front lighting system is also interesting, as it uses LED bars that are mounted directly to the vertical struts on the double-wishbone front suspension system. Again the look is very clean, but we could do without the integrated turn signals on the Brembo fluid reservoirs.

When we say them last year, Nito Bikes was looking to sell 50 pre-orders of the N4 while at EICMA, with deliveries taking place this year. With the coronavirus outbreak though, it is tough to tell where the brand is with its plans right now.

Still, the Nito N4 is an interesting concept. While we would like to see a more “full size” version of this for motorcyclists, the bike looks like a compelling way to rip around a tight metro area.

Source: Nito Bikes