NCR Corse Millona One Shot: Air-Cooled Desmo Fun

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Based off the air-cooled Ducati 1100cc motor, NCR Corse has made a track bike worthy of multiple droolings. Named the Millona, the bike tips the scales at 275lbs, and puts out 121hp in its 1200cc form (at 1100cc the bike makes 116hp).

The chassis sports a 8.6lbs aluminum frame, while the motor includes titanium rods and valves. Also included is a purpose-built slipper clutch, hand-built swing-arm and some stylish body work to round out the one-off bits NCR produced for the Millona. In the 1200cc “One Shot” version, NCR stroked the rods out further to give the bike its 5hp boost and even more wheelie creating torque. As to be expected, Öhlins suspension, radially mounted Brembo brakes, and Marchesini wheels complete the package.

NCR will offer the Millona in three varieties: the NCR Millona, NCR Millona R, and NCR Millona One Shot. The base model is expected to run around £30,000, while the One Shot will cost you a cool £40,000.

Ouch. With prices like that, you can expect the Millona to be a limited production model.

Source: NCR Factory