The 2013 EICMA show is just a couple days away, and the first OEM on the docket to reveal its new models is MV Agusta. We already know what MV Agusta’s big reveal is the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800, which will be a high-sitting sport-touring machine, complete with hard-bags, that features the company’s 800cc three-cylinder engine.

Teasing the new model now in a video, we can get our first glimpse at what MV Agusta has been cooking up back in Varese. Fusing the three-pipe exhaust of the MV Agusta F3 with the squared-off exhaust tips of the MV Agusta F4, MV Agusta has taken many design elements from its other models to make the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 — note the Rivale handguards and signals, for instance.

We’ll let the video and screen grabs do the rest of the talking, but a couple features of note are the full-LED headlight, Sachs semi-active suspension, and what looks like some sort of Bluetooth / cellphone connection system. We like what we see, and we like what we hear…Monday can’t come soon enough.







Source: MV Agsuta

  • smiler

    Good idea to remind people about side stands. One about disk locks would be equally as useful!!
    Looks like it will be a great looking bike.

  • K1200Rider

    Beautiful lines, as can be expected from MV as always. I wish more companies would take the styling cues from them for the exhaust (*cough* kawasaki*cough*) . The display on the gauge is excellent too. I wonder if their pricing is going to be competitive enough.. but then again it is an MV.. and if you have to ask for a price.. you probably cant afford it, right?

    the biggest problem state side is the lack of MV dealerships, if they could focus on that..

  • Frito

    Biggest issue with MV is not the dealers, there are about 4 near my house within 50 miles. Biggest issue has always been the fueling and maps. Get that down and maybe I may steer away from Ducati.

  • paulus

    Sweet details. Love the LED light surround and light unit.

  • Terry

    The dealer issue is a problem in the majority of countries, not just the USA.
    I thought the show started next thurs, not mon?

  • Terry, first public day for EICMA is Thursday. Media days are Tuesday and Wednesday, but Ducati and MV Agusta hold private press events on Monday.

  • Terry

    Cheers, that makes sense.

  • I’m sorry to be anal about this, but shouldn’t this part of the sentence “Fusing the three-pipe exhaust of the MV Agusta F3 with the squared-off exhaust tips of the MV Agusta,.. ” end with “F4”?

    Other than that I too can’t wait until Monday to see how the new model looks, the video reveals much more than expected and my hopes are for a stunning beauty. I’ve had an unquestionable faith in Adrian Morton’s work with all the beautiful MV’s and Benellis he’s been working on. But it was somewhat shaken last year by the Rivale, and I started doubting his abilities to not overdesign things and not get too experimental without Mr. Tamburini watching over his shoulder. The Rivale has since grown a lot on me, the recent pics on this site helped with that.

    Speaking of Benelli, they seem to be cooking something interesting with the BN 600 GT, although how the Chinese owners can be so clueless about the colors of the Benelli brand is beyond me.

  • CBontheMV

    This is a smart play for MV. Ducati is leaving a huge hole in their line up without a true sport tourer since the demise of the ST2 years ago.

    I might have to sell the Brutale for this one.

  • grb

    Why do they have to make it look like a sport bike, i know there are no rules, but there is a reason they have come to look like that, instinctively sport bikes have to be fast, aerodynamic, refined, contoured, etc. An touring bikes should look tuff, rugged, practical, functional, etc. I dont know if I would want to take a bike like that on an adventure through Africa… not that its not capable, it just seems like it was made for poseur.

  • Pete

    @Frito if you’re looking at smooth fueling you should also steer clear of Ducati. They are absolutely horrible at low-RPMs

  • FranktheTank


    This is a SPORT tourer. Not an adventure bike. I think your getting the two styles mixed up.

  • Nick

    @Pete, this is really not true of the newer models with the Testastretta 11˚. Multistrada, Diavel, Hypermotard 821 all have great stock fueling, and everything they produce going forward seems better. I work at a dealership.

    Concerning the MV Agusta, I think it looks awesome. But as another commenter wrote on here somewhere, MV should finish the bikes they already started before designing new ones. And stop making so many versions of everything!

  • Jake F.

    I like it. I want to love it but 800cc? I need MOAR POWAR!!1!

  • Daniel Croft

    Unfortunately, like with most of MV’s bikes, you just have to wait and see if it’s actually good. Hopefully they’ve fixed their RBW throttle on this bike. You’d think that manufacturers would make it tunable if they keep having problems with it.

  • Singletrack

    Now THAT’s what I’ve been talking about for years! A high spec, narrow waisted, middleweight sport tourer. Honda dropped the ball by killing off the VFR800. Let’s see if the real MV lives up to the teaser, but so far they’ve hit the right marks.

    The only thing that would get my money ahead of this bike is a Yamaha FZ-09 with a full fairing and top case/saddlebags. Or at least the provision for bags.

    I can’t be the only one that wants a bike like this?

  • Peter

    I wish they would change up the exhaust designs a bit. It looks good on the Brutale, Ok on the F3. But on the Rivale and the Turismo it looks useless.

  • Jean

    So, when the front fork’s electronics will fail, the beautiful dash will display “ASS Failure” ?

    Not digging it.
    I think a used 1200 Multi will still be a much better choice when it comes to a touring bike with a bit of exotism.

  • Brett

    I think they could fit those side bags a little closer but aside from that… ;D

  • ross ewich

    this is going to sound like sacrilege, but i cant help looking at that VERY COMPLICATED tail light and think-

    guys, its just a tail light.

    theres a difference between beautiful, clean lines/form follows function and severely over worked/complicated for complications sake. and the line between is apparently different for each of us.

  • Quiet American

    Finally, a sport tourer with style. I would much prefer this to be a liter bike while keeping the triple configuration. A larger bike is usually more comfortable over a ride of a few hours and the buzz of an I4 is something I’ve grown past. I’m considering one of these, a lot, but the two day drive to the nearest dealer and the smaller than optimum displacement are providing tension against waiting for availability.

  • Anvil

    @singletrack: You’re definitely not the only one. I’ve been waiting for one of the brands to produce a bike like this. The fact that it’s a triple is icing on the cake.

    I will continue to own and love a Daytona 675, but I’d also really like to have a real sporty-tourer that works better for longer distances. It would be nice to see Triumph take a crack at a bike like this, but I doubt it’s in the plan.

    Hopefully, MV is methodically working the kinks out of its triple platform. I’ll wait a while and see how they do. Fingers crossed that this bike works as it should, looks good, and isn’t ruined by making it too tall, as is the current fashion.

    I’m also a bit worried that MV is biting off way more than it can chew. I admire the ambition, and understand that there is probably some urgency to capture market share, but making customers beta test motorcycles is not a good business plan.

  • MikeD

    Looking good so far, let’s see the real deal come Monday. Not that i can afford it anyways. LOL.

  • Quiet American

    @ross ewich: I’m pretty sure that our times will be looked back on as a period when vehicles were gaudy with lines, creases, Christmas tree lights, flamed surfaces, and just OCD design in general. Just because software allows you to keep doing more, it doesn’t mean you should.

  • Brian

    The Brutale 800 is gorgeous but lacks provisions to tour long distance. The Rivale has beautiful elements but as a whole is, dare I say, “ugly duckling?” Enter the Veloce. Finally a bike beautiful enough to park beside my F3 and possibly capable of replacing my tired ol’ Sprint.

    Speaking of Triumph, will their Tiger XC soon be under fire from another 800cc triple?