Six New MV Agusta Models Will Debut in 2016

01/29/2016 @ 4:31 pm, by Jensen Beeler23 COMMENTS


Another more tidbit of news to come from the 2016 MV Agusta Brutale press launch (read the review here), is word from CEO Giovanni Castiglioni that MV Agusta will unveil six new models this year, ahead of the 2016 EICMA show.

Castiglioni wouldn’t say which three models it would be, though he made hint with the above slide that three of them would be naked sport bikes, while the other three new models would be fully faired sport bikes. With these hints, it makes the guessing game fairly straight forward.

We already broke the news to you that an updated Brutale 675 would debut in Q2 2016, with new Dragster 800 and Brutale 800 RR models soon to follow, with MV Agusta’s updated 798cc three-cylinder engine that now meets Euro4 emission standards.

That news should button up the first three models from MV Agusta this year, and we also know from the press launch that the MV Agusta F3 Solar Beam concept will go into production as a limited edition model. This leaves two, fully faired, sport bikes still to decipher from MV Agusta.

With both the 800cc and 675cc Brutale platforms seeing Euro4 compliance, it is easy money to bet that the remaining two models from MV Agusta are those machines’ supersport counterparts: the F3 675 & F3 800.

We wouldn’t expect those models to share exactly the same power plants as their corresponding Brutale models, as MV Agusta will likely want to keep the powerbands on those bikes nearer the top-end of the rev-range, but we can expect tweaks to be made to their styling, and for them to be Euro4 compliant.

We could get a surprise from MV Agusta though, and if we had our choice it would be a new superbike platform from the iconic brand, as the MV Agusta F4 is getting quite long in the tooth, and is due for an upgrade.

With World Superbike regulations now heavily favoring homologation special, MV Agusta could appease its superbike racing efforts by making a special limited edition model. With the MV Agusta F4 RC still fairly fresh though, we doubt that will be the case. As we are fond of saying though, time will tell.

Source: MV Agusta

  • Tavi Ruth

    Ugh! Objective for the F4 Superbike: Get a Better Disgner & Ditch the Single headlight design!

  • Jonathan

    Can a Turismo Veloce’s panniers attach to the Stradale?

  • No clue. I doubt it though.

  • You might be alone in that camp.

  • Jonathan

    Yeah feels like a long shot, but it sure would fix the tiny bag issue on the Stradale.

  • Gadfly57

    Need. Rivale.

    Anyone looking to buy a soul?

  • Campisi

    The F4’s design must not translate well into Braille.

  • Crutchie

    Ahhh, a new Brutale 1090 would be sick! Also, hey Jensen, off topic but any word on when the Yami MT-10 is due?

  • Nick

    Maybe a superbike with electronics that are somewhere near every other bike out there? I dunno, here’s hoping.

  • SXV 550

    Hey MV how about debuting six new dealerships to actually have a place to buy and service these bikes?

  • Nicko55

    It’ll be interesting to see if MV can overcome the impossible one day and build a front-running liter bike for international racing. In a way they’re much like Triumph in showing how much easier it is to make a competitive middle weight vs. a 1000cc superbike.

  • John Mith

    Whatever they come out with lets hope it actually works. MV is a master of throwing bikes together that look great in the showroom. On the track and on the road you discover that you are part of MV’s test and tuning team left to fix the bike on your own. This was a bit charming when these bikes were still constructed of high quality components. With the amount of Chinese made parts on them now that charm is wearing a bit thin for a lot of owners.

  • n/a

    F*ck the electronics, they just need to make it lighter.

  • Superlight

    You must be talking F4, as the F3 is competitive, weight-wise, already.

  • Superlight

    As a current F3 owner, I agree with you on this one – fewer bikes and more dealers, please.

  • Superlight

    To me, the solution is fewer models done right, combined with better parts availability and more dealers. As good as the new Turismo Veloce might be, who would buy one in the US with so few dealers?

  • Superlight

    MV is certainly one of the best designed motorcycles, aesthetically, available anywhere in the world. Their single headlamp look is simple yet gorgeous and the latest models, such as the Turismo Veloce, look even better due to the illuminated ring around the headlamp periphery.

  • John Mith

    Have to agree with you there. Way too many things going on for such a small manufacturer. They don’t need more bikes. They need fewer bikes done correctly.

  • n/a

    Yes, F4 indeed.

  • Superlight

    I went to the Cleveland IMS show this weekend – no MV manufacturer display there (Triumph wasn’t there either). If you can’t afford to promote your models, why make so many?

  • paulus

    Where does ‘variant’ end and ‘new model’ begin?….

  • Superlight

    The Turismo was, according to MV, “designed around those bags”, so the idea of fitting them to another bike doesn’t sound likely.

  • Surya De

    better fueling.
    Clutchless upshift and downshift.
    better looks (if that’s even possible).
    More power.
    That would be the wishlist for me for the new next generation F4