MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 5.5 – A Baby Elefant for Asia & Beyond

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The second of the MV Agusta’s dual-pronged approach to the middleweight ADV category, the MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 5.5 features the brand’s new 550cc parallel-twin engine.

While MV Agusta isn’t sharing all the details on either of its Lucky Explorer entries, the Italian firm is much more tight-lipped about the 5.5 version than its 9.5 model.

We do know that the MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 5.5 was built in partnership with Chinese firm Qianjiang, and the platform does seem to share a common ancestor with Qianjiang’s QJ500GS-5F adventure bike.

We do know that the 5.5 motor is a true undersquare engine, with cylinder measurements of 70.5mm for the bore and 71mm for the stroke.

That should mean a motor that doesn’t wow on its horsepower figure, but should make good torque across the rev range – ideal of dual-sport riding.

The styling of the Lucky Explorer 5.5 is closely mirrored that of the Lucky Explorer 9.5, with a distinctive dual-lamp LED visage and a TFT dash to control things.

The bodywork is built to move air through the bike and around the rider, and we can see a robust skid plate, along with brake and handguards.

Features beyond that are tough to tell, and we would expect MV Agusta to use the Lucky Explorer 5.5 as a strong ADV candidate for the Asian markets.

There is a unique opportunity here in the Western markets as well, as the middleweight category is already seeing a split between 700cc and 900cc displacement choices.

With entries on both side of that coin, the Italian brand seems to have its bases covered, though we will have a better handle of that once we see a proper bike and spec-sheet.  

If you see any other details in the renders below, call them out in the comments section.

Source: MV Agusta