MV Agusta F3XX Track Bike Reporting for Duty with 160hp

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What happens when your racing department decides to offer their own track bike on the market? If your racing department is MV Agusta Reparto Corse, then the result is what you see here, the MV Agusta F3XX.

An 800cc cousin to the machine that secured a podium finish in the most recent World Supersport round, the MV Agusta F3XX sees its Imola debut as good timing then.

Then when you consider the 160hp on tap, and 320 lbs sans fuel (343 lbs all fueled up), the spec sheet for the F3XX is certainly impressive.

And honestly, the bike should be impressive. For those who don’t know, Reparto Corse is a separate entity in the MV Agusta family – a completely difference business unit from the bike-maker, in the same way that the Castiglioni Research Center (CRC) is separate from the Varese factory.

For MV Agusta Reparto Corse, racing is their only business.

So, while it is strange to see the group build something for public consumption, it is done not in a large manufacturing way, but instead in a hand-built, small-volume manner. In other words, it isn’t going to be cheap.

In fact, Reparto Corse isn’t even willing to talk pricing, instead asking those so inclined to reach out to them personally for a quote, as what you see described here is only a starting point for what the race shop can build…and they can build whatever you are willing to afford.

To get things started though, they have a motorcycle that drips in carbon fiber, including the fairings themselves.

Everything on the F3XX comes from a racing ethos. The wiring harness has been rebuilt, shortened, and has an integrated datalogger. An AiM MXS1.2 TFT dash is used, instead of the stock LCD unit, and SC-Project has built a 3-1 full system exhaust. The list goes on, of course.

Our personal favorite touch is that the bike already has potentiometers installed and wired up, so you can begin breaking down your lap times by corner and study the performance of your suspension, throttle, braking pressure, and so forth.

Of course the MV Agusta F3XX looks the business too, thanks to the incredible design that the Italian brand has created with the MV Agusta F3 street bike.

But, if you live on the track, and want the ultimate expression of that idea, what Reparto Corse has built should be considered the only way forward. It is mouth-watering.

Source: MV Agusta Reparto Corse via