Would You Buy This for $9,000?

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We should preface right off the bat that this is a photoshop’d render of the much anticipated MV Agusta F3 (that Castiglioni hopes will save MV Agusta), and not an actual image of what the final product will look like. Odd logos and checkered flags aside though (let’s do the time warp again), this photoshop by Russian website is a good start to imagining what the F3 will look like when MV Agusta drops the F4 camouflage later this year at Milan.

Low-slung triple-tip pipes? Check. Enough space between the rear tire and solo-tail for a small Sicilian family? Check. Distinct MV Agusta lines? Check. So the question remains, would you buy a 675cc three-cylinder MV Agusta for $9,000 if it looked like this? Thanks for the tip Jackie!