MV Agusta F3 Unwrapped

10/31/2010 @ 6:07 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

UPDATE: Photos of the MV Agusta F3 have been posted to Asphalt & Rubber.

After teasing us relentlessly with spy photos of the MV Agusta F3, the Italian company’s three-cylinder supersport finally bares all in this photo. The recently repurchased MV Agusta is pinning high-hopes on the middleweight machine, hoping to attract wouldbe buyers with a low price-point that Claudio Castiglioni said could start as low as €9,000.

While it remains to be seen if Castiglioni can achieve that goal, a higher-spec F3 is also expected to hit the market in the €10,000-€11,000 range, which should have a direct 1:1 price conversion to US dollars if MV Agusta keeps its pricing scheme in place.

MV Agusta is also expected to come out with a smalled Brutale-esque machine that also uses the F3’s three-cylinder power plant. While The MV Agusta F3 is expected to official debut this Tuesday in Milan during the EICMA show, it’s not clear if the “Brutalina” will also debut at the event, or will make an appearance later next year. Click on the photo above and after the jump for 4,000 pixels of F3 goodness, and check out the gallery after the jump.

With its three-pipe GP exhaust style tip, the MV Agusta F3 still draws on Massimo Tamburini’s classic MV Agusta F4 design, which while still a gorgeous design, shows that MV is still going to the well on its bike designs (an issue we chastised MV Agusta for when they debuted its revamped F4 last year at EICMA). MV Agusta has tapped Brembo for its braking needs, giving the F3 its bottom-of-the-line monoblocs, while suspension appears to be courtesy of Sachs, which should help MV keep the price point down.

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  • bikepilot


  • ok, damn… that is sexy…

  • CBR600RR 09

    Holy heck! That is one sexy looking bike. Wish I hadn’t bought my bike now…

  • Bat

    Corrrrr! That’s the nicest MV Agusta I’ve yet seen. Sleek and stripped back, beautiful lines.

  • Tom

    Hey, its a damn good well to keep going back to.

  • Where do I get one?

    This is a very compelling bike, the kind of bike that takes a mediocre company and raises it to a strong competitor in the marketplace. Why did Harley drop these guys again, especially with a new product so close to production? Man, talk about a knee jerk panic decision…

  • Bat

    Harley dropped them cause they’re short-sighted, MV Agusta has a much more noble pedigree than any Harley. They were dumbasses to drop them, at that price the F3 will fly out the door.

  • Stupendous! Without a doubt the most beautiful bike showed in Milan this year. Price is announced at €11,500 in Europe.

    —– France-based network for riders of sport bikes and naked bikes of character

  • mvF4

    MV was purchases by HD as a distribution outlet for Buell. When buell got the boot, mv got the boot.

  • Phenix_Rider

    So it’s an lighter, sexier italian triple with smooth lines at the price of a squashed bug dime a dozen japanese 600. Can I sell my firstborn before it’s born?