LEAKED: First Photos of the MV Agusta Dragster RR

10/19/2014 @ 2:49 pm, by Jensen Beeler29 COMMENTS


MV Agusta had us guessing as to what the Varese company would be debuting at the upcoming EICMA show, though the latest video from the company seems to clearly show that a Dragster RR will be coming.

A built up version of the Dragster 800, the MV Agusta Dragster RR features Kineo wheels, new paint, and we presume some sort of launch control mechanism.

We expect the MV Agusta Brutale Dragster RR to officially debut a day before EICMA starts, as MV Agusta usually holds a press event on the Monday before the show.

You don’t have to wait that long though, as we have 18 high-resolution photos sent to us by our Bothan Spies, who seem to be busy little Bothans, as our friends at Nieuwsmotor also appear to have received these shots (some different, some the same).

Looking at these shots (our apologies for the watermark, but many of our colleagues like passing our work off as their own) the effect is entirely attractive, making the Dragster RR yet another beautiful machine from MV Agusta.

With the Varese company constantly improving it electronics, we can confidently say that the Dragster RR should be an improvement for the line — of course that’s not saying too much, considering the MV Agusta F3 675 was essentially unrideable at its press launch.

Still, MV Agusta continues to grow into a full=fledged motorcycle company, and may even see Mercedes-AMG becoming a minority shareholder as well.



















Source: Bothan Spies

  • Afletra

    Wow…I really like it. those spokes wheel somehow makes the bike looks more stunning!

  • Patrick

    Ummm…Damn!!!!! Stunningly Beautiful!

  • Sha1y0

    Now THAT is a beautiful f’ing bike.

  • RL

    Am I the only one who wants all the red bits to not be. Red anodized billet all over didn’t work on the Guzzi V7 “racer” and it doesn’t work on this bike either. Aside from that, well done on the styling MV. But if it’s going to be called a “dragster RR”, that 800cc mill better have a supercharger. Otherwise it ain’t going to win any of those drags.

  • Matt Higgins

    One of the busiest a(read fugly) motorcycles ever!
    Terrible looking, at least in photos…

  • crshnbrn

    The white rims are a bit much. Too bad they didn’t/couldn’t make the cool tail/brake lights function as turn signals also instead of putting the rear turn signals next to the license plate. If MV can’t come up with a more fitting name for this motorcycle, they should have a naming contest. “Dragster” doesn’t seem appropriate.

  • MikeD

    “MV AGUSTA” : Same Beverage, Different Containers.

    Right up there with MINI.

    The white rims need to die. Nah, make that ” Those rims need to die”.

    Why choose this over the regular Dragster ? ! To be different ? (o_O)

    Can’t wait to see the side effects of Mercedes $$$ and peer pressure.

  • Craig

    the red/black combo is awesome. I’m surprised actually

  • As my old Okie friend once said: “Looks like its been drug through Pep Boys with a magnet…”

  • irksome

    I cannot find one thing on that butt-ugly warthog that I find aesthetically pleasing. Whoever kicked it really hard in the tail was trying to do the world a favor.

  • KJ Shover

    One sexy piece of hardware.

  • Pampero

    That is the ugliest MV ever. They’ve lost the plot, an my attention.

  • Peter

    Looks like something from the candy store – especially the one with white wheels. Also they need to come up with a new exhaust – I say…

  • TexusTim

    hey all this news about this bike and that…any word on Honda and its 8 year old liter bike ? any significant changes or news on the track only v4 superbike and its street legal version for homologation in WSBK or is Honda waiting for a spring release ? and 2016 entry to WSBK ? inquiring riders want to know and has to be the top story for this year or next….its supposed to be a 2015 bike, anything ?

  • Slangbuster

    MD Mansfield…”Drug through Pep boys with a magnet” THAT is funny!

  • Brian stevens

    All this hyper styling to please the “transformer toys” mentality of the young set is sort of old and sad. All show and no go. The vulgar as new status. I think Ducati’s 800 Scrambler is so much more refined and intelligent.

  • smilo

    There is a lot going on with this bike. Takes time to take it all in. White wheels hopeless, otherwise what a real stunner. Wish they would gurantee their future and make cheaper versions as well.

  • smilo

    “Looking at these shots (our apologies for the watermark, but many of our colleagues like passing our work off as their own”

    That is a bit rich. This work is not your own and essentially the photos are stolen. Would have thought better of A&R firstly by not taking credit for something that is not yours to take credit for and perhaps being less contented to get stolen work from “spies”.

  • Those beautiful wheels, damn! And it’s good to see that the cool design with the three exhaust pipes is left intact.

    Will be interesting to see how RR compares technically to the original version, though.

  • WOLF

    What’s it going to take for them to make and ALL black one.
    It’s as if they don’t want my money.

  • Superlight

    Well, the MV design department is keeping busy, but I don’t understand why they continue to introduce new models to the marketplace (and this one shows little difference to the already-released Dragster) rather than fix what really needs fixing – their small dealer network here in the US. You’d think MV would learn the Aprilia RSV4 lesson – a great bike without proper dealer support will not prosper in this competitive market.

  • That thing is freakin’ awesome. Lots of design innovations. Love those wheels!

  • KSW

    I guess “Cafe Racer” wasn’t the market they where looking for so they thought, hmmmmmmm, dragster.

  • sunstroke

    Vulgar is the correct descriptor. This bike is the Dennis Rodman of motorcycles. Maybe that’s their intended customer base–wealthy, uncouth, vulgar C-list celebrities, athletes, and MMA fighters.

    When I see bikes like this and the H2R, I can’t help but think the entire industry has become a disgrace.

  • Nerve

    Tamburini used to remove stuff…

  • mudgun

    Love it…hate it…no wait, yeah one or the other. Love looking at it, wouldn’t ride it.

  • jackie

    Pretty. Ugly.

    Yes, that’s it. It’s Pretty Ugly(tm)

    How can so many good looking parts come together to make something so…so…ugly.

  • Alex

    One thing no one can argue about this bike: It’s unique, it doesn’t matter if you love it or hate it. There are very few unique bikes these days. Uniqueness (in whichever object you can think of) has only one point: pride of ownership.

  • Sadly all that red will turn pink pretty quick under the Aussie sun…