MV Agusta is helping Italy celebrate the 150 year absence of Italian city-state fiefdoms with, you guessed it, a custom-painted limited edition motorcycle. A fairly standard operation procedure from old MV Agusta that seemingly has found its way into new MV Agusta, it’s things like this that make us weary as to whether the Italian motorcycle manufacturer has a little bit of a history re-repeating problem.

Now that we’ve gotten that rant out of our system, the MV Agusta Brutale 990R that the company has done up with a special 150 Year Unification paint job is quite stunning, and all the appropriate drool-worthy remarks should be made about its tri-color aesthetic.

If you’re interested, one of 150 can be had for the tidy sum of €15,890, which is only a €350 premium over the standard MV Agusta Brutale 990R — the limited edition plaquered on the steering column is totally worth it though. Just joking, but the tri-color paint decals might be though, and come on a red, white, or black painted Brutale 990R.

Source: MV Agusta

  • Other Sean

    Hey now, you know Italians, they love to celebrate and commemorate and stuff. Have you SEEN all the monuments over there?
    Fairly sure that belly pan is a new design, but I could be totally wrong on that one.
    Still looks good, no hate!

  • irksome

    Since Italy has had more governments than there have been years since WWII, perhaps they ought to sell this in pieces.

    Snark aside, that IS one lovely machine.

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  • froryde

    Lovely as usual, but getting a bit tired of all the different editions.

    Also, makes me worried buying the new F3 / B3 – what if they keep churning out sexier limited editions that makes me regret buying the “standard” F3/B3?

  • Isaac Chavira

    I don’t like the new tail or the belly pan.