XXX: MV Agusta “AgoTT” by Deus Ex Machina

08/26/2016 @ 1:12 pm, by Jensen Beeler27 COMMENTS


With the debut of the MV Agusta F4Z – a custom superbike designed in partnership with Italian design house Zagato – I thought we would add some contrast to that machine with another special motorcycle that started life in Varese: Deus Ex Machina’s “AgoTT” street bike.

I recently got to see the AgoTT doing laps at Laguna Seca (note the balled racing slicks), and was immediately impressed with the build – the guys at Deus in Los Angeles really did a superb job with this machine, which has a nice balance of old and new in its design.

I also love the fact that we are seeing some great pieces of work get built from the MV Agusta platform, especially the Brutale line. Adrian Morton and his team at CRC have made a lineup of truly beautiful machines, taking on the difficult task of improving upon the work of Massimo Tamburini.

But the even more difficult task is then to take those finish production bikes and rework them into something that is not only new, but also equally as beautiful.

What we have seen from Walt Siegl, and now from Deus Ex Machina hit the nail on the head, and give us a much-needed break from the Honda CB builds of the last few year. I think you’ll agree, and also enjoy the pictures, after the jump.










Source: Deus Ex Machina via Pipeburn

  • MrDefo

    There’s a guy on the triumphrat forums who did his entire Speed Triple 1050 in that truck bed liner black that the top of the triple tree is in. Looks great.

    This bike is also awesome, just throwing it out there.

  • Clint Keener

    Love it, except for the pinched looking area under the seat.

  • appliance5000

    I always think of MVs as the motorcycle equivalent of tasseled loafers; I don’t get it. This looks like a nice purposeful machine.

  • You’re wearing the wrong loafers then.

  • appliance5000

    I don’t wear loafers, but have been spotted in mandels. To each his own.

  • What do you wear on your boat then??!

  • coreyvwc

    That moment when one dude in an 800 sq ft. garage in Los angeles makes something far more desirable than a legendary Italian automotive design firm. Ouch.

  • Grendel Medlord

    Yo mamma’s panti … eh never mind.

  • Superlight

    I’d agree, but I think Adrian Morton has done a far better design job with the production MV 3-cylinder family than any of these custom builders.

  • Chris Weidl

    In the article you wrote, “(note the balled racing slicks)”. Could you please inform the readers what the hell a “balled racing slick” is? I have heard neophytes use the term “bald racing slick”, which is redundant. A “slick” in itself describes a tire with no tread, bald does not add anything to the description. That is some sad sack writing and makes you appear to not really know much about your subject.

  • MrDefo

    “Balled” in this case refers to the little balls of rubber that curl off of a slick tire when it is used at high performance. You can definitely see them on the first picture’s rear tire. Now you know.

  • Chris Weidl

    No, those are known as marbles. Been involved in racing and riding motorcycles for 25 years, never ever heard anyone use the term “balled racing slicks”.

  • tony

    no chris, they are often, but not always, called balls. as in you balled up your rear tire. hear it all the time. and my man jensen has probably forgotten more about motorcycling than you.

    anyway, i think the bike looks like crap! one part old honda rs two stroke, one part street fightered ducati, just paint it all up red for design cohesion. i can, and have, done better in my garage…

  • appliance5000

    Gotta say – I don’t have a boat, but, my love is like a ship on the ocean, sailing on a sea of love and devotion. No need for sperries…

  • BBQdog

    Hidious assembly of parts which shouldn’t be together.

  • Ryan Donahue

    I would.

  • Paul McM

    Well, I bet it’s light. Might be fun on a track-day (though I think the bars are too low for even that.). Beyond that, it is ugly as sin, and really doesn’t show much aesthetic awareness or creativity. What a brutal, sad rape of a nice MV. Basically this is “unbolt everything we can unbolt. Paint everything up top red, everything else black.” Honestly, the more I look at that, the more I’m convinced this is one of the ugliest machines I’ve ever seen. Of course what else would you expect from the Deus Ex Machina people, who worship at the shrine of ugliness. That shop has certainly produced some of the most hideous two-wheeled machines ever assembled. I wish the Deus guys would go into another line of business, or simply vanish, or better yet be tossed into an active volcano to be consumed by molten lava. DEM has turned out some phenomenally ugly stuff. The DEM business model seems to be: “unbolt stuff” fit some stupid retro parts, slap our logo all over it, then charge a ridiculous amount of money. What was it the P.T. Barnum said…

    Here are some other monumentally ugly Deus Ex projects, just so you can get some idea of DEM’s artistic vision.

  • Rosé Connoisseur

    Jensen’s loafers are of the superleggera variety.

  • paulus

    They are a -shirt, coffee, wall art and coffee table book company… who also build the odd bike to market their wares. The make millions doing it… so there must be buyers.

  • coreyvwc

    Just an FYI, all the bikes that come out of Deus’ Los Angeles location are designed and built by one guy. Not a company, not a team of hipster designers, just one guy. The guy in question is pretty highly respected in the motorcycle world out here on the west coast, so maybe try to keep that in mind when you think you could do better ;)

  • Paul McM

    I don’t care who builds the stuff — but when I witness so many examples of shockingly ugly machines, built with questionable components, in strange configurations, I have to question whether DEM has any legitimacy whatsoever. There are many custom builders whom I respect greatly — Mule for one. But so many of these Deus products are so shockingly grotesque I would like to see that operation just vanish from the planet forever. Here’s another steaming pile of ugliness from Deus Ex Nausea:

  • Chris Weidl

    You can say whatever it is you want. I have spent twenty years at the racetrack as a racer and professional tuner. Never ever heard a rider, mechanic, or tire technician use the term balled up race slick. Jensen being your man has no bearing on his knowledge of motorcycles. Ride on.

  • AHA

    Please share a pic of that Triumph. Sounds fantastic.

  • tony

    ok chris, i googled you (never said that to a man before!). anyway, your credentials are beyond legit so i detract the jensen comment. but that doesn’t give you permission to be a douchebag…wait, is that one word or two? with all your years of experience you should know…

  • tony

    lets call them balls as in cojones, and try to prove the faster you go the bigger they become…or marbles, as in when i try to stay with ulrich or toye i lose my…

  • MrDefo
  • MrDefo

    Here’s a closer look at the black stuff.