Mugen Debuts an Electric Motocross Race Bike

03/24/2017 @ 3:21 pm, by Jensen Beeler31 COMMENTS

At the Isle of Man TT, Mugen is the team to beat, with the company’s Shinden electric superbike showing the state of the art, when it comes to electric motorcycles.

The asphalt is apparently not enough for Mugen though, as the Japanese tuning house has “partnered” with Honda to build an electric motocross dirt bike.

What you are look at here is the Mugen E.Rex, and don’t let the horrid dinosaur theme put you off, there is some seriously bad to the bone (sorry, couldn’t resist) pieces on this roost-maker.

Keeping things in the family, it is not surprising to see the Showa and Nissin suspension and braking components being used here (Honda owns both brands), and like on the Mugen Shiden, no expense has been spared when it comes to top-shelf components.

For instance, if you look closely at the photos, you will see that the E.Rex is sporting carbon fiber brake discs, which most likely has little to do with performance, and has more to do with the fact that the Mugen E.Rex will be displayed at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show this weekend. Still, it’s impressive kit.

The question of course is what Mugen and Honda plan to do from here. For now, the companies say that they plan to “explore the future potential” of an electric motocross machine, which can mean or not mean just about anything.

However, with several off-road racing series exploring the idea of letting electric dirt bikes compete in their racing classes, Honda and Mugen likely don’t want to see Alta and Zero taking over the space.

The electric two-wheeled segment has been quiet for some time now, but seeing Mugen and Honda explore the idea of an electric dirt bike could be the shot in the arm this platform needs. Interesting times ahead. Thanks for the tip Jon!

Source: Mugen

  • Oh man. I kind of love it. I’m a child. Sorry.

  • Ditto.

  • mikstr

    Woohoo!!!! Fire up the coal generating station, we need electricity for our Zero Emissions Vehicle…..

  • paulus

    Nasty… and not in a good way.
    It looks like a knock off of a toy from an 80’s cartoon
    Is it actually functional… or another Honda fiberglass ‘imagineering’ space filler?

  • It’s pretty easy to fake an e-bike, but I suspect this is a runner.

  • coreyvwc

    Believe it or not, there are places that do not rely solely (or at all) on coal fired power plants to generate electricity…

    – Californian

  • coreyvwc

    I’ve ridden the Alta MX bike, and I can tell you that Mugen has a tough act to follow there! Competition in that space can only be a good thing though.

  • mikstr

    Glad you brought that up. Let’s look at the other current possibilities, then. Hydro (I live in Quebec, Canada and we are brainwashed about its supposed benefits), the reservoirs used in generating it being veritable methane factories (which has about 30 times the heat retention capability of CO2) which also happen to pollute water with mercury (rendering it undrinkable). Next is natural gas, which also emits CO2 FWIW. Finally there is nuclear – Fukushima anyone?

    so, until we find ways to truly generate clean power, we are merely exchanging one dollar for 4 quarters… or worse. And so sinketh the Electric Vehicle Urban Legend….

    – Realist

  • Jake

    Where’s the battery?

  • teanau

    that is so profoundly wretched, im impressed

  • teanau

    in its liver

  • Jon B.

    i like your style.

  • Someone buy this man a Mountain Dew.

  • gildasd

    Efficiency of scale applied to thermodynamics – even using coal – make electricity cleaner. Yadada, get your read on.
    Aside from that, these bikes let you dig up whops, a couple of turns and a small jump in the backyard – and the nosy neighbors will have to think of something else than noise to complain about.

  • mikstr

    I’ll give you the sound aspect. I’ll even add that electric motors have certains advantages in so far as power chracteristics are concerned (hence their use in locomotives, for example). However, to call them zero emissions vehicles, as the deluded/misinformed are apt to do, is a flagrant lie

  • Jake F.

    That thing is awesome. Adding that to your stable would instantly make you a hero to all the kids in your neighborhood.

  • Jake F.

    I guess the solar panels on my roof that completely power my house and charge the vehicles in my garage must not exist.

  • gildasd

    Did I call them zero emissions? Nopetynope.
    Only a fool and his stubborn horse would ever imagine that ANY man made object is fully zero emission, hell, even bees create CO2 when making honey if you want to push the argument that far.
    And people like you are always “hydrocarbons #1”, well that’s all fine and dandy when your country has some, much less when it has to be imported from either an ex KGB operative or from a prince whose cousin crashes planes into very tall building, all the while kicking our trade balance in the nuts.
    Lastly, oil can’t be replaced on the short term for giant ship engines, lovely airplanes, classic Trans Am’s, CB1100’s and for all sorts of wonderful stuff like epoxy and carbon fibre, it truly pains me to see it burnt in stupid lard wagons/econoboxes just to buy more lard/go to a crap job. Let these uses be electric and keep the black gold for cool stuff.

  • mikstr

    the irony is biting… and ridiculous. Congrats to you, but it doesn’t do much for the millions and millions of other households who are not so fortunate.

  • mikstr

    ah, making assumptions about me (ie. people like you are always “hydrocarbons #1”)…

    first of all, you may not have called them zero emissions but it’s the moniker used throughout the world, I didn’t invent it.

    Secondly, I am all for electrics but, and this is the clincher, unleashing their potential requires us to have access to truly clean power, not just slightly cleaner or so-called cleaner power (see examples above). Why are we not investing more heavily in fusion? Now THAT would be clean power. Sadly, people are buying into the marketing hype and misinformation about electric vehicles and not seeing the big picture. Case in point: CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) did a story on the growth of electric cars in Atlanta, implying it as a model for the world. A quick Googles search indicated that over 60% of electricity in Georgia is produced from burning coal. So, in the final analysis, is there any environmental gain? NO. I am certain that there many, many more such examples that people get brainwashed into seeing as positive developments. Bring on the TRULY CLEAN POWER and then let us embrace electric vehicles…

  • Les NiƱo de Peligro

    this is bad ass, except for the Honda part of it.

  • Jake F.

    The only thing that prevents renewable energy from becoming the reality for everyone around the world is the mentality that it can’t or shouldn’t be done. The technology and the resources are all there.

  • mikstr

    renewable and clean are not inherently synonymous; hydro is renewable, but it’s not clean. As far as impediments go, the commercial interests of certain large corporations (Exxon,…) are likely the major obstacle. Another more recent hurdle is the election of Trump (ie. his public statements about growing the coal industry). Suffice to say this will put clean energy on the backburner for the foreseeable future.

    I continue to believe that the key to clean energy is mastering fusion, something we could surely accomplish in relatively short order if we put the necessary resources in place (which is not happening for the reasons stated above).

  • major tom

    All we really need is commitment to go nuclear. We are generations behind in state of the art which is safer, most importantly, cheaper, more efficient, and smaller. It has to happen it just makes too much sense.

  • paulus

    Not only. In the country where I am living the government controlled utilities companies will not allow you to hook up unless for an investment that is beyond justifying.


    Mugen (Honda) will be ready as soon as Alta establishes a market.

  • SicSemper

    This is the first e-bike I’ve ever liked, looks and all. That could have something to do with RetRo nostalgia and all. I can picture Johnny O’ on this thing…

  • Guzzto

    gives new meaning to flogging a dead horse.

  • mtnsicl

    That’s not an electric dirt bike! The engine is just covered with plastic.

  • Drew

    Just the sheer “Look” of this machine,gets me DROOLING HUGE!!! Everywhere my eyes travel,I see components that only mean ONE-THING………..when ya hit that throttle………..HOLD-THE-HELL-ON!!! Lol. :)