Mike’s Carbon Fiber Motus MSTR

01/03/2017 @ 3:03 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

The Motus MSTR is a beast of a machine, it just oozes raw power and torque from its 1,650cc V4 engine; and to compliment all that grunt, the MSTR also comes tastefully wrapped in painted carbon fiber fairings.

But when a composites expert wants one of your motorcycles, painting those carbon fiber body panels might not be the best of choices – it may even be an affront the Gods of Internal Combustion.

When customer “Mike M.” wanted to see show off the weave of the Motus MSTR’s carbon fiber bodywork, he opted for his machine to come sans the livery. We think that was a pretty good choice, and the gods are surely pleased as well.

So, to help get the New Year off to a proper start, and to return to the appreciation of all things two-wheeled, we give you Mike M.’s Motus MSTR motorcycle (how’s that for alliteration?) – we think you will enjoy it.

Source: Motus

  • fzrider

    Would you please ride it and give us a report?

  • I rode it last year. What do you want to know?

  • Chocodog

    Vs power cruisers

  • Doug

    Everything, but we will settle for a summary of your thoughts. Also let us know if they are worth the price tag in your opinion.

  • Thomas Adamo

    Absolutely gorgeous…

  • Dan Green

    As an owner, it was obviously worth the price to me, but everyone will have to make their own assessment of value and worth. It is a groundbreaking motorcycle. The torque combined with with handling and long range comfort puts it in a very small class. Plus, everything on the bike is top flight. For the price of a Goldwing or BMW K1600GT you can have a hand made, unique bike.

  • Superlight

    Wow, I didn’t realize Gold Wing and K1600GT prices had risen to this level, but you’re right – they approach $30k in the top models. This makes the Motus seem more reasonable if that’s possible for a $30k bike.

  • MrDefo

    Beautiful execution. I think Motus would have some success making this a special edition run or just an optional upcharge model.

  • fzrider

    What Doug said: Everything…or anything. I just love this bike from concept, execution, looks, sound. And then that motor.

  • cheese302

    Isn’t the motus more of an ST1300, or a R1200RT than a K1600/gold wing? If i am cross shopping to the BMW…. Shaft Drive FTW. Love the idea of the motus, but i just could never justify the cost.