The Motul Onirika 2853 Concept Is Not Your Typical MV

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Another tasty item from the 2016 Motor Bike Expo in Verona, the Motul Onirika 2853 concept builds upon a different Italian sport bike, the MV Agusta Brutale 800.

Commissioned by the Italian arm of the French lubricant manufacturer Motul, the Motul Onirika 2853 was designed and built by Luca Pozzato at Officine GPDesign.

The name “Onirika 2853” takes some deciphering, as it refers to dreaming or imagining of what the Motul brand will look like a millennia after the company’s founding (1853). At least, that’s how Motul explains it…we will have to take their word for it.

Back to the machine at hand, all that remains of the donor bike is the Brutale’s 798cc three-cylinder engine, and its corresponding frame and swingarm.

Building upon that platform, Pozzato has transformed the warm and stylish roadster into something a bit different from what usually comes out of the Varese factory, something that’s a bit more hard and cold in design.

Details like the metal seat, with its large raised rivets, and the disc-like wheels add to the more gritty industrial design. Similarly, the fuel tank and tail section features a black and white art design, which adds an urban feel to the concept.

The round headlight of the Brutale has been traded for two boxy units on the front of the machine, one for the low-beam and one for the high-beam, we presume.

Of course, popping from the demuted dark tones of the bike, is the red “Motul” logo – which is probably the point of this whole exercise.

An interesting machine for sure, the Motul Onirika 2853 will be auctioned off later this year, in order to raise money for Motul Corazón, a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged children.



Source: Motul