Moto Guzzi X-Rally 1200 Concept by Oberdan Bezzi

03/10/2015 @ 12:46 pm, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS


Moto Guzzi would do well to add a scrambler model to its current lineup, and build off the hype generated by the Ducati Scrambler’s launch, not to mention the “post-authentic” movement (whatever that means) that seems to pull models out of the 1960’s and thrust them into the modern conversation.

Helping us imagine such a machine is Oberdan Bezzi, with his Moto Guzzi X-Rally 1200 concept. Maybe too heavy to appeal to die-hard off-roaders (I can hear the moans already in the comments section), but the X-Rally 1200 certainly fills the need for a brutish enduro with classic cues — not to mention, a break from the beaked-ADV status quo that the Stelvio tries so hard to chase.

Source: Oberdan Bezzi

  • CortexUK

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    Yes, he trolls bikers, but all us petrolheads need to stick together.

  • Nick

    That motor could be better utilized as a boat anchor.

  • Beeg

    I’m sorry, I just can’t let this go. I know it’s obvious but wtf. Who in their right mind thinks it’s a good idea to rally/enduro a 1200cc bike? Have they seen enduro races? Do they know wtf it even is?

  • Joe D

    Beeg-For the occasional dirt excursion at a sedate pace, the “modern” ADV platform works and the Stelvio actually works better than most others. Great for the “where does this road go” crowd. Pavement behavior is very good.
    Nick-From Idle to redline, the quality of power is more than adequate. I don’t think about boat anchors at 150 mph on the Café Sport or Sport 1100. Try one.
    Nice rendering of the Guzzi concept. I want to ride it.

  • Nick

    I had one. Not the 1200, a V7 and though it had character, it was a dog! All the 1200s are overweight. If the Griso didn’t weigh 550 it might be a serious contender. I’m waiting for them to build a bike that performs. Might be waiting forever, they are asleep at the wheel.

  • Joe D

    The 7 is the heron head design. Not so good for MC engines. Weight is a concern with the modern range. Try a properly set up spine frame 1100 hemi head 2 valver. I do wish/lust for the MGS-01 road muncher.

  • Don Juan De Marco

    If there’s one all-new model which Moto Guzzi should seriously consider to produce – it’s the Le Mans superbike successor! This should spice things up at Moto Guzzi..

  • shamarone

    3 words… BMW HP2 ENDURO. we’ve seen this movie.

  • paulus

    For a Guzzi… it’s not unattractive. For a part time rough/off-road weapon… any bike is more capable than you think.

  • AHA

    Crazily high CoG with that engine plus added ground clearance! Although with cast wheels, road tyres and ridden in supermoto boots with platform soles, it would turn a few heads. :)

  • Tod Rafferty

    750, 1986. Makes more sense.

  • so Nick, what Guzzi have you ever ridden and when?

  • Did you ride the Griso or how about a V11? Sure, they can lose weight but the V11 is a very capable motorcycle in the right hands.

  • El Apestoso

    Yeah, those Grisos are just horrible awful bloated pigs that can’t do anything.

  • Nick

    I love the personality, charisma and soul of Guzzi, but having owned a Monster and working at a Ducati dealership, I feel that the air-cooled Ducatis like M1100, GT1000, etc offer character AND performance, not just character! (this is being lost presently, though…) The air-cooled L-twin, to me at least, rivals the unique feel and sound of the Guzzi, minus what is inherent in that quirky, lovable transverse engine layout. I’ve ridden the V11 LeMans, V11 Sport, Norge and a handful of vintage Guzzis in addition to the V7. I’d like to sample the Griso as it’s quite sexy. I want Guzzi to build a bike I want to ride! I wish they would follow through with concepts like the V12 Strada or Lemans they presented years past, it’s way better than the rendering of the article!!!

    Piaggio has seemingly forgotten Guzzi along the wayside as they focus on their core of scooters, maybe satisfied riding the minor success of the V7. You also have to wonder how they can pour money into racing Aprilia as a factory team in MotoGP (though it’s awesome they are!) instead of developing their two motorcycle marquees into healthy businesses dealers want to invest in and customers will take seriously as competitors in the marketplace!

  • Craig Freger

    The Guzzi 8V out-performs the Ducati air-cooled L-twin by a considerable margin. Both are great engines, but your central premise is simply incorrect.

  • WGB1944

    You ought to try one, you may like it. I started ridin Guzzi’s when Yamaha was still 2 cycle. And I’ve never looked back.

  • WGB1944

    I got an old 1991 Cal 3 with the big valve motor. Been to a garage 4 times in 120,000 plus miles. When the 1100’s came out, I was told I needed to get one as my 1000 wasn’t fast enough. Nah. Take it a ride and then tell me I need more power. If I was 10 years younger, I’d buy the 1400, just to see what it’s good for. But Nick, it sounds as thou nothing is good enough for you. Better get a Cushman an ride.