Moriwaki Shows Next Installment of MD600 Moto2 Racer at Indianapolis GP

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On display at Indianapolis this weekend was Moriwaki Engineering’s latest iteration of their MD600 race bike. Fans could see both their Mk. V, and Mk. VII bikes on display, and were also treated to seeing the Moto2 bikes take to the GP course at Indy.

Moriwaki is one of several companies that hopes to provide chassis and full bike solutions to Moto2 teams in 2010, and have also been developing a consumer oriented version of the MD600 that would be available to privateer racers and track day enthusiasts alike.

We’ve been following Moriwaki pretty closely here at A&R, and this is the first time we’ve gotten to see the Mk. VII version of the bike. The Mk. V, to date, has been the most extensively tested version of the Moto2 racer, whereas the Mk. VII builds upon the Mk. V, and takes into considerations the requirements of mass-production into its construction. We can’t tell the two bikes apart, but we’ll take Moriwaki’s word on the fact the two bikes are different.

Hopefully we’ll see more teams and developers come out of the woodwork with their Moto2 designs as we get closer to the 2010 season.