Monty by XTR Pepo

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The “Monty” is the latest build from XTR Pepo, and as you can tell from the styling, this is the work of the same mind that brought us the Radical Ducati.

Pepo has since branched out from Ducatis though, taking on other brands, so it shouldn’t surprise us that the Monty started life as a 1978 Laverda 500 Alpino — the name being a nod to the Laverda Montjuic, which was based off the Alpino, and affectionately called “Monty” in-short by its owners.

While there are a number of Laverda parts in the build, if you look closely at XTR Pepo’s Monty, you will see the swingarm from a Suzuki Bandit, front forks from a Ducati Monster, a GSX-R600 clutch lever, and Honda CBR600RR footpegs — all in the name of continuing of XTR Pepo’s motorcycle pick-and-pull build style.

There is something to be said about the recycling of parts that normally would have little value to most riders, yet can be integral in making Pepo’s imagination come to fruition. Of course, there are also a number of XTR Pepo’s bespoke parts on Monty as well.

Knowing that the Laverda 500 Alpino was a touring model, based on Laverda’s Formula 500 racing machine, which in-turn the Laverda Montjuic transformed back into a racer, this café bike is a great nod towards not only the Formula 500 era of motorcycles, but also what Laverda was trying to achieve with its designs.

It might not be the fastest thing around the track, though XTR Pepo’s upgrades certainly raise the performance level over the stock machines. We are sure there are a few old racers who remember the original, and thus will find a special meaning in this motorcycle.

For the rest of us, the build on this Laverda is tasteful, as usual, and it fits what you would expect from the continuation of the Radical Ducati aesthetic. You either love the style of XTR Peop, or you don’t, but you can’t contest the firm’s unique approach. Enjoy the photos below, and also note the attached build list.







Technical Schedule and Build List for the XTR Pepo “Monty”:

  • Donor bike : Laverda 500 Alpino’1978
  • Modified frame: new subframe, conversion to Cantilever suspension system
  • YSS rear schock
  • Modified Suzuki Bandit 600 swingarm
  • NG rear brake rotor
  • Suzuki Bandit 600 rear wheel.
  • Ducati Monster 1000 front fork
  • Brembo front brake calipers
  • Brembo rotors
  • Frentubo brake lines
  • XTR front mudguard
  • XTR front fairing bracket
  • XTR front fairing
  • XTR front light.
  • TT clock
  • PBR aluminum race clip ons
  • Domino quick open gas throtel.
  • Domino race grips
  • Brembo PR 19 brake pump
  • Suzuki GSXR 600 clutch lever
  • Domino comando
  • Ducati Monster front wheel
  • Modified fuel tank
  • Endurance gas caps
  • XTR bellypan
  • Ergal cnc machined XTR CBR 600 footrest.
  • XTR Laverda SFC solo seat
  • LIPO battery
  • Montesa rear lights
  • XTR upholstery
  • Ported heads
  • High-compression pistons
  • Laverda Formula 500 camshafts
  • Oversized oil pump
  • Overbored Dell’Orto carburators from 32 to 34
  • DNA air filters
  • Super Mario Megaphones.
  • Tsubaki gold chain
  • Artenruta painting

Source: XTR Pepo