Mission Motorcycles Debuts the Mission RS – 160hp, 200 Mile Range, and a $58,999 Price Tag

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As we suspected, the Mission R by Mission Motors lives, albeit in a new company and with a new name. Coming from Mission Motorcycles, the now-called Mission RS (race special) is the realization of what we consider to be the finest road-going electric motorcycle…and we should know, we’ve ridden them all.

Essentially the electric race bike that Steve Rapp piloted to Supersport class lap times at the Laguna Seca MotoGP/AMA/e-Power round in 2011, but with a headlight, taillight and mirrors, the Mission RS boasts some impressive figures.

Sport bike enthusiasts will enjoy the quoted 160hp horsepower, 120 lbs•ft of torque across the rev range, and 17 kWh battery pack, which Mission says is good for a 200 mile range (140 mile real world) and a 150 mph top speed. However, the $58,999 price tag may take some getting used to (insert sticker shock joke here, as well as corresponding eye roll).

With only 40 motorcycles to be made (a bike for every second the Mission R beat its competition by at Laguna Seca — cheeky), and the Mission RS coming with BST carbon fiber wheels, Öhlins WSBK-spec suspension, and MotoGP-spec Brembo brakes, the “race special” designation seems to have been earned, along with its price tag of course. Fret not though, Mission Motorcycles aims to bring a “more affordable” model to market as well, confusingly named the Mission R.

It seems we will have to wait a bit longer to learn about the new Mission R motorcycle, but we do know that it will cost $29,999 in its base form, and will have battery pack options of 12 kWh, 15 kWh and 17 kWh, along with other configurable options.

Said to be an entirely new machine, the Mission R from Mission Motorcycles will have lower-spec components than the Mission RS, so buyers will have to learn to make do with having only regular Öhlins suspension, Brembo brakes, and forged aluminum wheels.

Both machines will feature the company’s MissionOS software, which we saw an early version of when we test rode the Mission R last year. Comprised of a very elegant design layout, the MissionOS will bring not only your typical riding information to the touchscreen dashboard, but it also includes GPS directions via Google and a built in LTE internet connection, as well as Bluetooth connectivity for Mission’s planned helmet with a heads-up-display (HUD).

The Mission RS can connect to your iOS or Android device via that same Bluetooth connection, and has a stabilized 1080p camera mounted in the nose of that bike that can record on-board footage with a data overlay (located just above the bike’s LED headlight).

Something new for most motorcyclists, the Mission RS also comes with a built in reverse, though no word if the company has cracked the nut regarding the  parking of electric motorcycles on hills with some sort of parking brake.

With two on-board chargers (Level-2 J1772 and a standard 120v plug), Mission says it can pump up to 9 KW into the Mission RS, which should be good for close to a two-hour recharge time.

For those A&R readers who understand our ongoing Star Wars references and general geek-out moments, you will be happy to hear that Mission Motorcycles plans on making available and SDK for the MissionOS ahead of its launch. Booyah!

Expect to see the Mission RS and Mission R in the summer of 2014. The Mission R will go into production once the Mission RS is delivered to all its customers. More info on the new Mission R, as we get it.

Photos of the Mission RS from Mission Motorcycles:

Photos of the Mission R from Mission Motors:

Source: Autopia