Markus Hofmann + BMW S1000RR = Vampires?

11/06/2012 @ 11:01 am, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS

I struggle with the work of Markus Hofmann, especially as it pertains to his work with BMW. Maybe it is the awkward intersection where high-fashion meets avant garde photography meets German motorcycles that just leaves me wondering what I am looking at with each photo. His work is impressive, don’t get me wrong…I just don’t “get” it…and today is no different.

I dunno, maybe the whole Twilight & True Blood thing is just now taking off in Germany, and this is the product of the world getting just a little bit flatter. Maybe there is a commentary about society lurking underneath the glossy exterior of these fanged photos. Or, maybe…just maybe, vampires are just waaay cooler than I think they are (werewolves baby, werewolves).


  • Jake F.

    They’re doing it wrong.

  • Yes they are and my GOD they could have done better than her!!!

  • alex

    remember the old saying “doesn’t justify a response” well….

  • MikeD

    EPIC FAIL… is that what the kids call it now a days ?

    NOPE. Less Fangs and palid complexions, More, much more MEAT & POTATOES for these girls.
    Then show me more skin scantily clad by a micro Bikini after gaining some MUCH needed CURVES in the key places.

    Shiiiit, the Angels from Victoria’s Secret catalog look like Cherokee D’Ass compared to these.

    Maybe i just have this figured all wrong and looking at it the wrong way ? !

  • Sean in OZ

    Whats with all the annoying fake reflections/light sources (sorry I cant come up with a term for them)?

  • Damo

    Vampires are gay.

  • CBRbie

    just when i thought anything can go good with a motorcycle, i was wrong

  • anti

    A fine example illustrating why tilting the frame is such a lame cheap photographic gimmick.

  • pooch

    Should have gone with assymetrical fangs.

    And Zombies are much cooler now.

  • buellracerx

    hahaha @Damo no doubt. gay as a bag full of dicks

    If you’re going to do something, do it right. Get smokin hot models, not anorexic ones…

  • anders eliasson

    I don’t know, Kate Beckinsale as a palid vampire does it for me :^), come to think of it, Kate B. as anything does it for me :^D …


  • Gritboy

    Zzzzzzzzz. Boring photoshoot regardless of the bike or the models. At least Konstantin Lelyak can creatively shoot models with bikes (even if the bike is underwhelming).

  • Dan


  • TexusTim

    how is that cool ?’s stupid really…now if those chicks could drop a knee down and smile fangs at you that would be cool….but in a warehouse glam style ?…not for me thanks

  • Mike Lew

    German art = British cooking = French mass transit = Russian auto manufacturing = German art

  • Westward

    Kate Beckinsale a definite yes…

    But seriously, bashing the models is a bit unfair. Bashing the photographer for not capturing better images, is more justified.

    The concept is not bad when done right. I would venture to guess Elizabeth Raab could have done better with the same location and models…

  • Damo

    Mike Lew and buellracerx nailed it.

  • MikeD

    Indeed, nothing wrong with the models…Westward made me look at it from another angle.

    I think is more of a “right tools for the wrong job”. Kinda like using an scalpel to chop fire wood.