Magpul Ronin Gets Closer to Production

03/22/2010 @ 12:51 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS


You may remember that we drooled over Magpul’s take on the Buell 1125R. While we often give Buell motorcycles a hard time, we admittedly fell head-over heels for this concept.

Hinting at the time it debuted that there could be a limited production run or a kit for current Buell owners, Magpul has taken the feedback and attention from the Ronin, and refined the motorcycle further. Photos and more after the jump.

A weapons accessories manufacturer by day, Magpul also boasts a strong industrial design arm within its walls. When they heard that Buell was going out of business, the Colorado based company picked up a couple dozen 1125R’s and begin re-imagining the American sport bike.

The result of course was the Ronin, which has been warmly welcomed by motorcycle enthusiasts.

Hoping to see the Ronin live on in more than just one garage, Magpul has been exploring an option of selling a limited production run of Buell’s outfitted with the girder forks and aggressive styling.

The company has also looked into the possibilities of producing a kit for Buell owners. This means that Magpul has also re-designed these components to be more easily produced en massse, the last real step before taking orders from consumers.

The biggest change in this process seems to be a change in how the headlight is mounted and displayed, along with other minor changes to the bike’s aesthetic to likely meet DOT specs. With a Ronin kit seemingly close to reality, we here at A&R have been eying the Buell inventory list a little bit more closely.

Source: Magpul Ronin

  • Ryan

    I saw one of these parked at Flatirons Mall in Broomfield, CO last night. Pretty cool.

  • Nealio

    Has anyone written a review of what this is like to ride? It looks like a lot of weight to put high up and over the front wheel. I wonder where the center of gravity is positioned? Als,o the heat coming off the radiator is aimed right for the rider.

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  • Jake Fox

    Damn that thing looks sinister! I know my girlfriend would think it’s ugly as hell and for some reason that makes me want it that much more.

  • patron

    Ummm…yes please.

  • giova

    that bike is sick the only thing I don’t like is that there is no tach, is a must on a bike

  • David

    They could make just as much money, or more, making the girders for street fighters.
    Girders are superior in many ways.