Lito Green Motion Sora Electric Motorcycle

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Our French-speaking cousins to the north have apparently been toiling away designing a 185 mile electric street-naked motorcycle. While we only have CAD renderings right now, Lito is set to debut the Sora at the June 12th Formula 1 stop at Montreal. The French-Canadian company says its electric motorcycle features “the best design elements of Bobber and Café Racer/Street Fighter bikes”…whatever that means. Perhaps Lito is waiting to see how the bike is received before putting a label on it, which is fine by us since words aren’t stopping us from digging the look of the Sora.

Lito Green Motion is boasting some interesting spec, as the  CVT gearbox is certainly fetching, but perhaps more interesting is the 185 mile range with only 12 kWh on-board in lithium-ion batteries. Presumably Lito’s patented Safe Range System™ makes that possible (at what speed we wonder), which according to the company eliminates range anxiety by allowing the rider to set the destination via a touchscreen, while the Sora manages the amount of energy to get to the destination. Intriguing, but we’ll reserve judgment until we see it in the flesh.

Other features include the previously mentioned touchscreen display, which adds a bevy of features like mapping and emailing when a charge is complete. The Sora also features an electronically adjustable seat, which can be raised and lowered according to rider preference and riding style.

The three-phase AC induction motor is good for 59 lbs•ft of torque, which can propel the 530 lbs bike to a top speed of 120 mph. Pricing is steep, with Lito quoting an MSRP of $42,399 in CAD, which works out to just over $44,000 USD.

Available in October of this year, we’re excited to see the Sora in the flesh, but we have some reservations on the price and real world range of the motorcycle. Math is math, and a 530 lbs motorcycle is going to have a hard time going 185 miles on 12 kWh of power, CVT or no CVT, and more so when it’s un-faired.

Source: Lito Green Motion via AutoBlog Green