LCR Honda CBR1000RR – If LCR Honda Made a Honda

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MotoGP race team LCR Honda has been caught dabbling with one very trick Honda CBR1000RR. While we’re having a hard time believing the rumors that LCR Honda intends to use the bike as claiming-rule team (CRT) entry in MotoGP, the LCR Honda CBR1000RR is an exercise on what one can do with enough money and access to HRC’s secret stash of motorcycle racing parts.

Raiding the HRC parts catalog, Lucio Cecchinello and his crew have boosted the Fireblade’s output to 200hp, and completing the kit are 2010 Öhlins MotoGP forks, Brembo carbon fiber brakes, Marchesini wheels, and of course a Playboy replica paint scheme (naturally). One of the most impressive CBRs you’ll find, we caution you not to believe other reports that state this is all a part of LCR considering a CBR motor as the basis for a CRT entry.

Not only would the CBR motor be a less-than optimal starting point for CRT development, the use of stock frame disqualifies this machine from CRT duty. While it is possible that LCR Honda could show up on the 2012 grid with a CRT machine, we think the fact that a €150,000 price tag is being banded about for this Fireblade is a subtle enough gesture for those inclined to have the ultimate track bike (and let’s be honest, it’s some good marketing for LCR and its sponsors — note the Rizmoa close-up shots).

Still CRT entry or not, we wouldn’t mind having a 200hp CBR1000RR with MotoGP parts attached to it, and this bike is a good distraction from the serious backmarker status of Toni Elias. Now if we could only find a couple hundred thousand dollars…leave donations in the comments section.

Source: Sportmediaset